Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AARP Seeks Funding

AARP Arkansas released a wish list for the Legislature that includes an additional $5million in state funding for home health care and a stipend for grandparents granted legal guardianship of their grandchildren.

The group unveiled its legislative agenda during state Capitol news conference attended by several legislators who pledged support for the initiatives.

Mary Dillard, president of the state chapter, said at a Capitol news conference the group’s top priority for the session would be an increase in the Medicaid reimbursement rates for home health care workers.

Dillard: "The goal is to increase consumers’ choices in long-term care."

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AARP releases legislative wish list

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AARP Seeks More Funding for Senior Issues


Anonymous said...

Grandparents who end up raising their grandchildren should receive a stipend.

And it's happening to more and more families.

Children need to be with relatives. Grandparents are on fixed incomes and may not be able to afford the expense. A stipend helps keep family with family.

wisernow said...

I agree Anonymous.

Grandparents need assistance - if they don't do the parenting job for their own grandkids - who will?

It is costing us the taxpayer money to raise these kids from dysfunctional families to productive adults - if not, we will be paying for the non-productive adults for decades - one way or the other.

Prisons are overflowing, so the states are going to live within their budgets by releasing non-violent prisoners and jail birds. We will be flooded with people with criminal minds.

We better get ready for what lies ahead - open season on society with no fear of incarceration for the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

Better the grandkids live with the grandparents than Child Protective Agencies.........shoot, they end up being abused, and DEAD under their 'protections'!