Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family Accused of Neglect

Town residents concerned about an elderly man they claim has been neglected for months confronted the man's family.

Dearl Love, a 76-year-old man who suffers from dementia, has been the focus of concern by town residents ever since they found him wandering the streets, starving and without his medication. Residents said they've been taking care of him, paying for his water, food and medicine, and they accused his family of ignoring him.

When Love's sister in law, Jewel Love, and her family came to start removing farming equipment from Love's former home, they got an earful from residents.

"The whole time he was here by himself, walking the road, trying to find something to eat, waking these people up at 5 in the morning because he was starving."

Residents like Leigh Anne Lee said they picked up the tab, paying his bills. Even the town diner fed him meals while neighbors tried to contact his family.

Jewel Love said her brother-in-law was never left neglected. "Dearl was never left hungry. Never. I was down here every day, whether they say I wasn't or not, I was."

Jewel Love said that many days, Dearl would be missing when she came to visit. The sheriff's department has no records of him ever being reported missing.

She said residents protested the removal of the farming equipment because they want it. The residents said the only thing they want is guardianship and to make sure Dearl Love is taken care of. They plan to go to court to obtain guardianship.

Residents Confront Family Over Elderly Man's Alleged Neglect


Anonymous said...

It's great that the residents went to the family in force.

However, they are making a mistake in going for guardianship.

we the people said...

I would not take the allegations against the family as true until all of the facts of this case are investigated.

What these neighbors do not realize is that they are causing a "conflict" which is doing more harm than good.

They will be shocked and it will be too late to find out: the court will almost certainly appoint a stranger (from the probate buddy club) as the guardian of Dearl Love, leaving the family and the neighbors out in the cold with no standing.

I fear Mr. Love will be taken out of his home, placed into a nursing facility at the mercy of his guardian for all life and death and financial decisions, including any and all previosly executed legal documents, including his WILL and POA's.

All of the wards possessions will be sold and disposed of by.....this stranger, his court appointed guardian with no true initial inventory and accounting to the court.

Mr. Love's house will be sold (most likely to a buddy of the guardian in the probate racket) at a low ball price. Another buddy in the probate "real estate" club will purchase Mr. Love's home for a bargain a steal, then resell the home for a profit, with kickbacks or a percentage of the profits for his agents who helped him in this ring of thieves in the real estate buying scheme with court approval.

This is an example of only a few of the dirty tricks in the guardian's trick bag.

This situation is being played out in every county of every state every day of every year.

Anonymous said...

"we the people" has it exactly right!