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Guardian Troubles

Guardian Troubles-Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey Part 1

Guardian Troubles-Part 2 - Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey

Guardian Troubles-Part 3 - Susan McLendon and Luke Humphrey

Guardian Troubles-Part 4 Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey

Guardian Troubles Part 5 Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey

Guardian Troubles Part 6 Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey

Guardian Troubles- Part 7 Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey

Susan and Bill Mclendon on Luke Humphrey at Glen Rose Nursing Home

Susan & Bill McLendon denied Access to visit son in Glen Rose Nursing Home
Part 2

Susan and Bill Mclendon denied access to son in Glen Rose Nursing Home
Part 3

Why the Restrictions on Visitation on Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey?


Anonymous said...

This family has done a comprehensive history of Luke's guardianship nightmare.

Hopefully, YouTube will bring them publicity and start the wheels turning in the right diretion for justice for Luke and his family.

Anonymous said...

I've not watched them all yet, but have seen enough to be very impressed with this mother's presentation of her son's nightmare.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get ones story out there -- the truth -- is to put it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Visitation restriction and isolation - the cruelest weapons of an abusive guardianship.

I am sorry for Susan Mclendon and even sorrier for Luke Humphrey.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for what you are going through, Mclendon family.

Luke deserves better. Like you said, criminals have more rights.

Anonymous said...

This is a nightmare. And there lies Luke Humphrey --unable to defend himself or state his wishes.

It's so very sad.

If you advocate for your loved one in a hospital, you'd better watch your back.

Susan said...

I want to thank you for posting our blog and to those who wrote comments. Sometimes you feel all alone fighting a system you cannot win, it's comforting to know others care. Salon has now put up videos 9, 10, & 11 for your viewing.
Thank You NASGA for all your hard work, our family has learned so much from your web site over the last three years.
We will not give up this fight to have Luke at home with our loving family and to see Luke rehabilitated and under good medical care.
Susan McLendon

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Perhaps you all should take a look at both sides of this story. Susan has slandered the very people that take care of Luke and his family. Did Susan tell you she once came up to the home where Luke resides and got so agitated and mad because she wanted to do foot care on Luke without a dr's order...her husband had to restrain her and when he tried she bit her own husband! What about the time, Susan, you put duct tape over Luke's trache and said "I wanted to hear him talk". Seems to me she would do much better if she just followed the guidelines that were mandated because of her behavior, not the nurses and caretakers who see Luke everyday and care for him. Do some research on her appeals to the supreme have lost them all, haven't you Susan? The reason is...your claims are only true in your head where the little voices live. You want everyone to feel sorry for you? Tell us, Susan, how doeas bashing the nurses on the salon site help Luke in any way? Google Susan Mclendon and you will find a lot of court papers and then come back and see what she has done. Leave the healthcare workers out of your pitiful, spiteful and mean spirited case.

Betty said...

Susan, there is comfort knowing you're not alone -- and you're not alone at all.

We wish you well in your struggle to get Luke home where he should be.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Here is one legal document:

Susan said...

Landy Humphrey aka Anastasia Beaverhausen, this comment you make reference to was written in the Baylor Specialty Hospital records, where I was loved by all the nurses. However Glen Rose Nursing home has shown me nothing but contempt, which is shown in the videos. I feel sorry for all the animosity you and your family are feeling. All I have ever asked for was to be able to be with our son.
I know you have made it so I will never see Luke again. I am sorry for you to have to be living in pain and hatred. Unforgiveness only hurts you and in this case your son. I am available for you to talk to me. Susan McLendon

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

No..I am not Landy..I am merely a watchdog for sites who feel called upon to slander and potentaly harm healthcare workers. No. Healthcare workers should be harassed and assaulted by any patient or wingnut family members.I am alerted to these web postings and I do some background checks and whenever I run across very horendous, one sided blogs such as the glen rose salon site concerning Luke. I still urge peopple to not believe one side of a story.

Susan said...

This blog is not meant to slander anyone. It is merely telling the story of abuse in a guardianship matter. Never did I mention any nurses or healthcare personal in any of these blogs. The only person ever mentioned is David Dennis who was caught on tape assaulting me. Susan McLendon

P. Pondoff said...

Anastasia, It's hard to follow guidelines when they change from one visit to another without your knowledge. Secondly, the nursing home is the one who provided Susan with the wash pan, told her where she could get the water, gave her the lotion to put on Luke's feet and provided her with the towel to dry his feet with, and when she proceeds with removing Lukes AFO's to wash his feet the nurses have a canniption fit and tell her, her visitation has ended because she is doing nursing care. Since when is washing your sons' feet considered NURSING CARE and needed a DR's order to do it. I know this for a fact that this is true because I was personally there numerous times when this was supplied to Susan, I have the rest of the bottle of lotion that they provided her with!
About the duct tape, Luke was supposed to have a cap on his trach at all times except when suctioning him out. The rehab center in Tyler lost his cap and they left his trach open so bacteria could get in. Luke ultimately ended up with pseudomonious pneumonia, and MRSA.
If your going to tell a story, please tell the whole story and by all means tell the whole truth of the matter.
If you go to this web site you will see the red cap that is supposed to be on at all times. copy and paste in the url and enter
The article is called: The Incredible Sad Tale of Susan McLendon and Luke Humphrey Or How Does One Lose Visitation?

The photo is at the very bottom of the page, last row, first photo. And if you look at the next to the last row, next to the last photo you will see the condition we found Luke in, in the therapy room. The facility is the one who had the mask on Luke and had the duct tape all over him. Now mine you, he had the mask on while he had pneumonia. It's hard enough to breathe with pneumonia without some moron restricting your breathing. He should have had an oxygen mask on! The photo of Luke with the mask on and the duct tape all over him is the one that I NOT Susan took of Luke on June 23, 2005 when I went to visit Luke.
This entire fight is to correct the wrongs done in ALL guardianships not just this one.

About the Nurse, she was Lukes’ nurse, was injecting herself with morphine that was for the patients, and approximately 3 months after the nursing home discovered her deeds, Luke was listed as a source patient for hepatitis C which comes from a dirty needle. The question is, did she give herself the injection and then give her patients their injections with the same needle? Why wasn't this matter thoroughly investigated? How does a totally incapacitated person who has no diseases upon entry to a nursing home, suddenly a year to year and a half later have them and more??? Maybe you can answer these questions!! How many more patients at that facility are listed as source patients that were being cared for by her???

P. Pondoff said...

Anastashia, I forgot to inform you that our cases in the Twelfth Court of Appeals Cause #12-06-00222-CV was not a loss. The court overturned the $9,400 judgement against McLendon to the ad litem and put in on the county taxpayers. In cause #12-07-00225-
CV the 12th COA overturned the $92,856.86 judgement against Pondoff and Bowshot to the same ad litem and the County again was liable. A total of $102,256.86 does not remotely give the appearance of losing a case. Several other things were modified, overturned and ruled in out favor.
If the Judges followed the Law and were faithful in it, we would have won the entire suit. When Judge Rogers, CCL#2 confiscated our box of evidence, marked as courts exhibit 3, it's difficult to win. Give me an honest Judge who will adhere to the Law, allow us to present our evidence and I guarantee you, the outcome will be different.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bottom line: Luke is Susan McLendon's son. He is severely disabled and he is also isolated from his mother when Luke most needs her.

There's not a thing those against Susan can say to make this cruel treatment of Luke right. Denying Luke his family is torturing him - plain and simple.

Susan advocates for proper care for her son. That's her right - and her job as his mother.

Nursing homes and hospitals retaliate. It's a known fact.

Anastasia or whoever you are, you can write rumor and innuendo all day long about Susan and you can't change the fact that the Luke is the person who suffers because of what you're writing.

This is about Luke, not Susan.

Please refrain from bashing Susan's character and stick to the subject: Luke.

Betty said...

Oftentimes, in cases like Luke's involving isolation of the ward, allegations against the family are launched by the opposition: the nursing home, the hospital, or the lawyers. These unbased allegations then become the focus, and family gets caught up in trying to defend themselves rather than do what they're supposed to be doing: advocating for their loved one.

Who benefits when the focus gets off track? The guardian.

Don't let that happen here, McLendon family and McLendon friends.

The last Anonymous was right - keep the discussion about Luke and only Luke.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Never did I mention any nurses or healthcare personal in any of these blogs...if you listen to Video did name a nurse in that here NAME!
Another odd thing is you say this nurse who was injecting morphine into herself...and you claim Luke and others were stuck with dirty needles...injectable morpine is VERY rarely in injectable form at the nursing home's a liquid syringes are used and certainly not injectables!
It would be nice to keep this in Luke's best interest...but you have distorted this and tried to hurt others as well.
Oh, and another point...have you told this website that here is a felony warrant for you and your son?
I do believe my work here is done.

P. Pondoff said...

Anastasia, There you go again, not telling the whole story. When the administrator of the nursing home assulted Susan on June 19, 2009, she filed assult charges against him. Then the Lt. at the Somervell sheriffs dept. called Susan and said if she didn't drop the charges then the nursing home was going to file criminal trespass against Susan. She didn't drop the charges so they filed against her.
Criminal Trespass is a Class B Misdemeanor NOT a felony. Get your story straight. The incident report is public info. The trespass is Case #09000279 in Somervell County. Susan's so busy fighting for Luke she doesn't have time for your stupid stunts Carla, and her sisters are defending her. KEEP THIS ABOUT LUKE.

Susan said...

The arrest warrant was never issued. It had to be issued on the day I was there, it was not. Three weeks after the fact is not criminal trespass. The police never filed my complaint on David Dennis like they were supposed to. What this amounts to is false arrest, retaliation, police harassment, and extortion.

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Oh...really,,,then why does the SO's office have evidence that Susan commited FELONY charges by going through the nursing home and opening ALL the resident's doors...that WERE NOT containing Luke...have you heard of HIPPA laws? Does your case give Susan the right to go into other rooms and invade their privacy? does NOT..she and her son violated the right to privacy of every single door she opened and the right of any patient or family trying to leave the door to go to the ER that Susan's son blocked,,,give it up sister...we all know the wrong doing here...hey,group here pay the criminal background check to see the's a big waste of your money,,,ohhh..explain sister why a very critical resident had to be detained to get to the ER while Susan's son blocked that path? Huh? Are you justifying the delay...tables turned here if your loved one was detained to get to the ER by a delusional young man...would you not be concerned? Does the blocking of an innocent patient become ok because Susan has to make a big scene? No...I think NOT! If it is such a minor warrant..why have they not turned themselves in...I think it is because it not such a minor thing...sister, get out your are gonna need it!

/ Hmm..again you always have an the way...where is Susan? I am sure she is too chicken

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that this Anastasia Beaverhausen person has a personal problem with the mother, Susan.

Maybe Beaverhausen (if even her real identity) works at the nursing home.

In any case, threats like this are uncalled for.

I think Beaverhausen needs to seek professional help.

Elaine Renoire said...

This is not a forum used to assassinate someone's character.
We are here to discuss the serious subject of guardianship abuse, not Susan McLendon.

Anastasia Beverhausen, your spite and resentment is very transparent. Anonymous and Betty asked politely that the discussion return to Luke, but you just couldn't resist but return to maligning Susan McLendon.

Please be advised that no further posts from you will be accepted unless they are civilized and speak directly to the discussion of the guardianship of Luke -- and only Luke.

Elaine Renoire
NASGA Director

JoAnn Bowshot said...

All right! I've heard enough out of 'Anastasia Beaverhausen' aka Carla Humphrey, aka the wicked stepmother. Once again you and the nursing home have trumped up charges against the family. And yes, Carla does in fact work at the nursing home. I direct the people reading this website to the Red Rover Shenagins at Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home here:

It seems to me that all those nurses, LVN's and CNA's blocking the hallway was more of a deterrant to the ER than Susan and Johnny walking down the hall. Remember, Susan had the good sense to record her 'attempted' visit with Luke. You can hear her heels clicking on the floor and she only stopped twice. Once to look into her son's room only to find that the nursing home had 'moved' Luke someplace else and refused to tell her where they had taken him. She thought he had died.

When the personnel at the nursing home "parted like the red sea" and moved so she could look into the room Luke had occupied for almost five years now, two older ladies were in there and the nurses laughed. They thought it was a great joke to pull on this mother. Any normal, prudent person would see that as a 'set-up'.

She continued on down the hall to the dining room and asked the only person there if they knew where Luke had been moved to. She then proceeded to that room and when she got to that room whoever was in there slammed and locked the door. I encourage you to read her story on Salons blog.

The guardian, the nursing home, and yes, Carla too, think this is a game. Think about Luke for a change. Has it ever occurred to any of you that Luke needs his mother? He needs to see his brother and sister and the step-father that raised him. Luke wanted to be a dentist to follow in his step-fathers footsteps and eventually take over the practice. All those dreams disappeared in one moment of time.

There is a program out there called "Brain-Fingers".

This is brain actuated technology. There is absolutely no reason to refuse to allow Luke the opportunity to communicate. He is in a Locked-in state. He is NOT a vegetable. This program has received grants from National Institutes of Health and two years ago Luke could have received the program for free. What is wrong with the Humphrey family that they would rather Luke suffer and die than help him to be rehabilitated?

We told the court and the guardian about Brain-Fingers years ago. Luke could learn to communicate with this program. It only cost about two thousand dollars, but the guardian got more than enough from Baylor to pay for it.

And Luke's medical files state that he passed his swallow test in December 2005 and was allowed "pleasure foods". Just a few months ago, his records state that he ate chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and two helpings of pudding. So why does he still have a peg tube? Because the nursing home is to lazy or too understaffed to feed him three meals a day and it's easier to feed him through a tube. And why doesn't the Humphrey family help with his feeding? Surely feeding Luke is not just 'nursing care'. It should be father care too. But then Landy left when Luke was a baby and didn't bother with his son for years.

JoAnn Bowshot said...

Sooooo. Translating names:

"Anastasia" is Russian for 'Royalty' and "Beaverhausen" means "where the Beaver lives". So does that mean a royal river rat? hmm mmmm.

We are not done fighting this case yet. No guardian should have the power to tell a nursing home to go against Federal Medicaid Laws and isolate any incapacitated individual from the family that raised him.

Forbidding family members visitation seems to be the norm not just in Texas but across the nation. Keep an eye on "Tara's Law" that is before the 12th U.S. District Court. This is what we need in Texas. I believe this would help others in state homes as well as nursing homes. The Legislators called for a full investigation in Nov. 2008. We need to keep an eye on this matter.

JoAnn Bowshot, Younstown, Ohio(Susan's other big sister)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Anastasia or Carol or whatever her name is needs to get help.

JoAnn said...

I must correct myself. "Tara's Law" is a bill that was introduced by the 12th District Legislators in New Jersey. Here's the url:

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

Honestly...I am just putting the other side of this saga...I respect your website to help guardianship issues,,,I know that some are abused...but not all...thank you for posting my opinon...if anything positive comes out of this...please do not accuse healthcare workers of such unprofesional conduct...they would NOT condon any abuse or workers are caught up in the middle of this...please...let them be...they would NOT be there every shift if they did not care and want residents to be taken care of...let it an adult here and leave the healthcare workers alone...that is all I ask...please don't lump bad healthcare workers overwhelming on the Texas Nurse Board of Examiners...with the very good ones out here
main point...leave them be...take this situation and fight this guardianship with the people you feel have done you wrong, Susan. leave innocent people out of it..,really...let them do their jobs...let them be...let them come to work...let them go home...let them feel safe walking to their vehicle at any time...let it go...don't target healthcare workers...they have families and friends, too,,,respect that.

Susan said...

I NEVER entered anyones room including Luke's old room. I could see he was not in his room from the hallway. All doors were left open except for the room right before Luke's, which I did not open. I walked up the hallway and looked at each name tag to see if Luke's name was on the outside of the door. Gary Marks, the president, was standing in the middle of the hall, I ask him if Luke was still alive? He just stared at me, I asked if my son was dead and where had they taken him, he said, “I'm not going to tell you”.
At the end of the hall was the cafeteria, when I walked into the cafeteria every single seat was filled with patients, I presume waiting for dinner. There were no staff in or near the cafeteria. How long had all these patients been sitting there? They had no food in front of them nor did they have any games or puzzles. They were sitting there so quiet, not even talking to each other, this was very strange. I saw one older lady that I knew that had always come to sit by me and Luke when I came to visit. I ask her if she knew where Luke was? She looked around as though to see if any staff where present. She then told me where Luke's room was located.
Later, I wondered how long had the nursing home been holding these patients in the cafeteria knowing I was on my way there, just waiting for me to come? Even if I had looked into the patients rooms no one would have been in them.
There was a patient being brought down the hall in their bed. I heard men call EMERGENCY while trying to get through the barrier of staff that were lined across the hallway. My son and I immediately stood against the wall. They actually had to stop while Gary Marks who was following us had to decide which side of the hallway to stand on. He was ordering the staff to call the police.

Susan said...

The police came as John and I were walking out of the nursing home, a public facility. There was no altercations of any kind. The policeman wanted to detain my son and I from leaving the premises. My son asked him if he was detaining us and then told him if he was going to detain us then he must charge us with something and arrest us. The policeman called the sheriff's office and confirmed that we were on public property and we could not be charged with anything. He told us to drive safely and he was sorry for what the nursing home was doing to us. He then turned to talk with Gary Marks.
Weeks earlier on June 24, 2009 I had been contacted by Lt. Dahl of the Somervell County Sheriff's office. He told me that the nursing home was willing to make a deal. If I dropped the assault charges I had filed against David Dennis, then Gary Marks would not press criminal trespass charges against me. I said I did not know how they could press criminal trespass charges when I was in the lobby of a public facility and not causing any disturbance. I spoke with my family and we felt that if we did not stop this abuse now it would continue. I returned a call to Lt. Dahl in July that I still wanted to press assault charges. He told me this was not in my best interest.

Two weeks later on Thursday, July 23, 2009 I received a phone call, it was Lt. Dahl. He said that criminal trespass charges had been filed on me and my oldest son, that a bond had been set for $1,500.00 and I needed to report to his office (four hours away) immediately. He refused to give me a copy of the warrant or tell me who filed criminal trespass charges against us. My husband called Lt. Dahl that afternoon and asked what this was all about. He was told that Gary Marks was filing criminal trespass charges against. He said he would hold the warrants on his desk until we came down there. He told my husband to bring us down the following week on Friday July 31, 2009. The following day both my name and my sons name where listed in the newspaper under arrests. We have hired an attorney.
How sad that all that energy is wasted on attempting to make me look bad. How much better would Luke be if that energy were expended on getting my son proper medical and rehab help? Luke is truly suffering at the hand of these monsters.
Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.

P. Pondoff said...

Anastasia, A better question would be, if it was sooo serious then why hasn't it been served??? The nurses were blocking the hallway with their red rover shinanigans. Secondly all doors were open because all patients were in the dining room at 5:30 pm. When the doors are open and you glance into them, it is not an invasion of privacy. We can prove Susan never stopped at any room with the audio tape. When Susan entered the nursing home it was through the hospital doors. IF YOU SPENT AS MUCH TIME TAKING CARE OF LUKE AS YOU SPEND ATTACKING SUSAN. LUKE WOULD BE ON HIS WAS TO REHABILITATION RECOVERY AND WOULD NOT HAVE THESE DISEASES.!! PLEASE PUT YOUR EFFORTS AND ATTENTION TOWARD LUKE, HE NEEDS IT. This site is not your whipping post.

P. Pondoff said...

I'm sad to report that Luke passed away Monday morning. Here is the letter that I wrote and drove to Tyler to deliver to Judge Rogers and hour and a half after we were notified of Lukes' death.

Patricia Pondoff
P.O.Box 236
White Oak, Texas 75693
August 18 2009

Judge Randall Rogers,

It’s sad to report to you the death of Luke Forrest Humphrey. He passed away sometime Monday morning August 17, 2009.
What’s even sadder is that no-one notified the Mother, Susan McLendon until Tuesday at noon to let her know the funeral was in one hour, knowing she was in
Youngstown, Ohio. This was in direct disobedience of YOUR Court Order.
The Mother was to be notified of any illness that was severe.
Luke went into respiratory failure and no one assisted him because YOU failed to rule on the DO NOT RESUSCITATE that we filed in December of 2008.
I asked you not to transfer this case to Somervell County but you did it anyway.
How appropriate that Luke passed away when the guardianship was in limbo between two counties..
I thank God that Luke will no longer suffer at the hands of his abusers.
Everyone is accountable for what we do here on earth either before man and most assuredly before God Almighty. You don’t owe us an explanation but you will owe God an answer.
McLendon had already buried one son, Mike, and was denied the opportunity to see Luke, hold him, or tell him how much she loved him, was denied to opportunity to
attend her own sons’ funeral and was not notified of his death until 1 hour before the burial.
How sick and how sad this whole situation is and each and everyone of you are responsible for your part in it.
____________________ Patricia Pondoff

Everyone, please deliver this message far and wide. This insanity has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting notice of Luke's untimely death.

Our prayers are with his family now, and especially his Mom, Susan.

Susan said...

Luke's death was negligent homicide on the part of the father and the nursing home. He was failing on Friday is what Lt. Dahl told me, yet he was never taken to the hospital. They told me it was respiratory failure. Did he choke on his own vomit again and develope pneumonia aspiration again and they just let him suffocate and die. The Lt. said he was in the hall talking with the family when the CNA yelled, "He's gone". Luke died on Monday morning alone and grasping at life. I know him. By Tuesday morning he was buried and Tuesday afternoon I was notified after his burial. The Sheriff's office had an ongoing investigation into the nursing home for abuse and neglect of Luke. Luke was in his grave before anyone had time to do anything or was it to cover up everything?
We wanted Luke to have an obituary in the paper so his friends and our loved ones would know of his sudden death. Here is the site to read his memorial.

Fly with the angels Luke, we miss you !
Susan, Bill, John, Kari, and Thomas