Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pima County's Janice Bernardini

Death Served the Purpose

Jan Bernardini and Judge Munger

Youth Inspires Others

Pima County Guardianships

Attorney Bernardini and Judge Munger

Puppets Imitate Life

Bernardini & Munger

A Grandchild's Fight


Anonymous said...

She is a disgrace to attorneys everywhere!

AntiShyster said...

Hey, wasn't that the one that was in the puppet show? Tee-riffic!

Anonymous said...

I believe Jan Bernardini, alias, Bernagreedy is heartless.

I wonder how she treated her own mother....

Anonymous said...

Ah, you mean Jan Bernagreedy?

Such an appropriate name!

Anonymous said...

She stands there so smug --- after ruing lives and getting rich off the backs of vulnerable people.

Anonymous said...

This monster tore apart numerous families and then "resigned" from guardianship work to pursue a career at the University Foundation for the University of Arizona. Her new job involves soliciting donations. She cannot even keep her own house in order let alone manage someone else's. While we may be grateful she is no longer pursuing her crimes in the probate court, we wonder if she will ever be held accountable for her actions in the death of Forest Blackwell and the isolation and abuse of his beloved mother Jean.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Bernagreedy will ever be held responsible for her "career" in destroying lives through guardianship, Anon.5.

At least not in this life.

The problem is people in general don't care if it doesn't happen to them personally. We have to change our thinking and our priorities. Until we do, the Bernagreedys will prosper - to everyone's peril.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the University Foundation for the University of Arizona ever viewed the puppet show on YouTube?