Thursday, September 24, 2009

Attorney Asking for Leniency

The attorney for a rogue insurance agent accused of bilking $1 million from his elderly clients is planning to ask the court for leniency.

Jack Leonard Straw, 51, a former Dunkerton resident, has pleaded guilty to fraud charges, and his sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids.

Prosecutors said Straw misused money he was given by elderly residents.

His attorney said Straw didn't lead a lavish lifestyle but lost control of his business and used some of the cash to pay earlier investors.

Defense Attorney Leslie Stokke told the court in motions filed last month that Straw should get a lighter than normal sentence because he accepted responsibility and assisted in the investigation.

He also said Straw's medical condition warrants special consideration and asked that Straw receive credit for time he served while undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Stokke asked in court records that Straw be able to serve his time in a medical facility.

The prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Berry, is fighting the request for leniency.

Full Aricle and Source:
Shaw's Fraud Sentencing Set


Anonymous said...

Of course, HE wants lienency. What about the people he bilked?

Think they wanted lieniency, Mr. Shaw?

StandUp said...

He asks for lieniency for himself - in other words, it's all about him.

He has no remorse for what he did; only that he got caught.

Anonymous said...

The judge should give him the same mercy he gave the people he bilked.

Anonymous said...

Hit him hard, Judge!

Mike said...

Accepting responsibility isn't an indication that Straw should get a light sentence.

It's easy to accept responsibility and even to say you're sorry -- AFTER you've been caught.

No lienency!

Anonymous said...

Of course Shaw wants better for himself that he gave his investors.


He's an actor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, he's deserves leniency.