Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Victory for Mudway

To Cynthia and Joseph Clancy, it wasn't enough to spend Eloise Mudway's savings, take her home and isolate the elderly widow from her friends.

Mudway didn't die fast enough for the couple, Assistant State Attorney Mike Halkitis told jurors on Monday. He said Cynthia Clancy told Mudway's new caretakers: "If she gets ill, don't call EMS. Let her die."

After hearing a week's worth of testimony and deliberating an hour and a half, a jury convicted the Clancys on Monday afternoon of grand theft of a person aged 65 or older.

The verdict brought gasps from some of the Clancys' supporters in the courtroom. The couple — Joseph Clancy is 56, and Cynthia Clancy is 46 — could face up to 30 years in prison when they are sentenced Oct. 22.

Full Article and Source:
Pasco County Couple Convicted of Stealing From Elderly Woman

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Thelma said...

30 years isn't enough for ""If she gets ill, don't call EMS. Let her die."

Anonymous said...

Lock the Clancy's up and throw away the key to their cage.

Deep appreciation to the jurors who served, who were able to separate truth from fiction.

No Mercy! Harsh punishment X 10 for these financial predators.

StandUp said...

You see, Eloise Mudway, YOU did it -- The jury saw right through the Clancy's and you helped them do that!


jerri said...

the jury had 20/20 vision and perfect hearing they saw through the defenses bs smokescreen good bye bye crooks

Anonymous said...

For she's the jolly good fellow!

Well done, Eloise Mudway! Take a deep breath now and relax.

Anonymous said...

I had faith that a jury wouldn't let the Clancy's get by with it.

Praise to God.

Anonymous said...

The jury did a good job. The Clancys actually have supporters? What a bunch of winners.