Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jury to Decide Tomorrow

Only a six-member jury separates Joseph and Cynthia Clancy from vindication or condemnation.

The local couple will find out Monday whether the panel that watched four days of trial testimony this week believes them to be thieves or simply two people who tried to help an elderly lady avoid financial ruin.

Assistant State Attorney Mike Halkitis wrapped up the state's case this morning, completing his portrayal of the Clancys as opportunists who took advantage of Eloise Mudway's age to steal her house and improve their financial status.

The Clancys still live in the house at 9510 Hilltop Drive, which Mudway purchased with her late husband in 1980.

Defense attorneys Dean Livermore and Mark Goettel completed their case later today, one that depicted the couple as benevolent caretakers who had Mudway's home transferred to Cynthia Clancy only to save it from foreclosure. Livermore and Goettel contend that Mudway, now 92, simply spent herself into financial ruin and had to be rescued.

The Clancys are each charged with one count of grand theft from a person over the age of 65, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison. Attorneys will give their closing arguments Monday morning before jurors begin deliberating.

They'll have plenty to consider.

Full Article and Source:
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LoriView said...

Without the benefit of having heard the testimony, I'll just have to wait for the jury decision.

Sue said...

Thank's NASGA for following this case.

StandUp said...

My prayers are with Eloise Mudway.

Anonymous said...

I feel confident a jury won't let the Clancys get by with exploiting Eloise Mudway.

Anonymous said...

Your description is close, Atty Mike Halkitis: The Clancy's are opportunists, but I would add "greedy" to that.

Norma said...

Dean Livermore and Mark Goettel sound like typical guardianship lawyers.

Somehow, they can sleep at night - that's what's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for a positive outcome for you, Mrs. Mudway.

Anonymous said...

Send the Clancy's away for 30 years at least!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sure, the couple is benevolent. Ha.