Friday, September 25, 2009

Clancys Facing 30 Years

Joseph Clancy called Eloise Mudway "the old bitch."

Cynthia Clancy told a co-worker not to bother calling 911 if Mudway should fall ill.

"Just let her die," she said, according to trial testimony.

The words stung the Clancys when a jury heard them in a courtroom last week, and the same words, no doubt, aided the jury in finding the couple guilty Monday of grand theft from a person over the age of 65.

The Clancys now face up to 30 years in prison when they return to court for sentencing Oct. 22.

Full Article and Source:
Pasco Couple Faces Up to 30 Years for Bilking Elderly Woman

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Jury to Decide Tomorrow


StandUp said...

There you go, Eloise Mudway.

Karma's caught the Clancys!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy days. I hope they get every bit of 30 years. It's not long enough, but it will certainly do.

Anonymous said...

I hope the judge will look at the Clancys and Eloise Mudway and imagine if his/her own mother were Eloise Mudway when considering the sentence.

Throw the book at them and then pick it up and throw it again!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased for Mrs. Mudway.

Congratulations for this victory!

Mike said...

Thank you jury on this case. I was confident a jury would do the right thing here, and that's exactly what happened!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie, 30 years would serve them right!

Celebrate, Mrs. Mudway!