Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nurse Who Stole From Medicaid Sentenced

A registered nurse has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison and ordered to pay almost $135,000 in restitution to a home health agency for stealing from the Medicaid program, officials said.

Carol Lynn Glover pleaded guilty in May to one count of theft in connection with health care. Authorities said Glover worked for Nurses By Prescription Inc., a nursing service in Amarillo, and submitted false time sheets indicating she had provided care for a patient when she hadn't provided that level of care.

In addition to falsifying time sheets, officials said Glover also forged the signature of the patient's guardian.

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Nurse Who Stole From Medicaid Sentenced


Anonymous said...

And this is one big reason why healthcare costs are out of this world....

Anonymous said...

Shame on Carol Lynn Glover.

I am sorry to say this abuse happens all across the country.

18 months should give her a good look at what she did.

Ordered to pay restitution is good too --- she should also have to pay interest.

Norma said...

What about the nursing home?

Somebody was signing off on Carol Glover's reports.

Are they being investigated as well?

jerri said...

and what else did Carol Lynn Glover do that was illegal? no one can tell me this is her first criminal act this is probably the first time that someone actually investigated the perp let her rot she is a liability and we need to eliminate liabilities for the good of society

Anonymous said...

You're right, Jerri, Carol Lynn Glover didn't turn bad overnight.

There's probably a very long list of things she did that she's not been caught for.

She's a bad seed.

Anonymous said...

While receiving over $100,000 for this one particular patient, she had more patients. Did anyone check time sheets for them, as they were Medicaid patients too?

If she made this much money off one patient, why did she repo her vehicle and file bankruptcy in 2006 for 50K of medical bills she incurred in mid 2005? Seems like maybe she should re-pay this too.

She had multiple patients at the same time in her home, which was filthy and over ran with children and animals. Didn't think it was legal to transport home health patients to your home in a private vehicle, much less to a place that wasn't inspected by health officials.

Maybe this is why there's another suit being filed for false care she provided in 2009, that includes missing high level pain killers (full scripts)taken from a dying cancer patient.

If this is regulated health care, we're all in trouble!