Monday, September 28, 2009

CT House of Reps Backs Reducing Probate Courts

The Connecticut House of Representatives on Wednesday approved legislation that dramatically reduces the number of probate courts in the state by more than half and draws new probate districts in what will be the biggest overhaul of the probate system since it was formed over 300 years ago.

The legislation reduces the number of courts from 117 down to 54, creating new multi-town regional probate districts. Calls for regionalizing the courts were prompted because the system was near-bankrupt and facing large deficits.

“It was time to take this system that was created during colonial times and bring it into the modern era so that it can see a significant reduction in costs and remain self-sustaining,” said State Rep. Livvy Floren (R-149), “The new probate court map was based on population, location and workload.”

Full Article and Source:
Greenwich Representatives Back Law to Reduce Probate Courts


AntiShyster said...

It's about time!

A lot of time has passed since Judge Kinsella got nailed for putting little old ladies in the funny farm.

The image of the courts and the lawyers is lower than -- well, you know what!

Anonymous said...

Good going, Ct. House of Reps!

Anonymous said...

Good news -- very good news!

StandUp said...

CT is moving into the 21st Century!