Monday, September 28, 2009

Former Caretaker Convicted

The former caretaker for a 93-year-old retired Springfield physician has been convicted of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the woman.

Sandra Gayle, 65, of Springfield was convicted of financial exploitation of the elderly and financial exploitation of a person with a disability. A Sangamon County jury deliberated a little more than an hour Friday before returning the verdict.

Prosecutors introduced testimony over the course of the four-day trial to show that Gayle used her own family to gain the trust of the doctor. Gayle, who had the victim’s power of attorney, then “gifted” easily more than $300,000 from the doctor’s bank account to herself, relatives and friends, testimony indicated.

Gayle could receive from 4 to 15 years in prison when she is sentenced Nov. 19 by Associate Judge John Mehlick. Her crimes also are probationable.

Full Article and Source:
Former Caretaker Convicted of Ripping Off Elderly Woman

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AntiShyster said...

Another thief bites the dust. But I'd rather see the thievimg lawyers go first!

Anonymous said...

It didn't take the jury long, did it?

Well done!

StandUp said...

There you go Sandra Gayle -- you got what you deserved.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Sandra Gayle gets all 15 years, plus has to pay restitution!

Sue said...

"Sandra Gayle could receive from 4 to 15 years in prison when she is sentenced Nov. 19 by Associate Judge John Mehlick. Her crimes also are probationable."

Probationable? If Gayle doesn't get prison, I would hope the maximum 15 years to rot, then we need to tell little children:


Heck, look at this it's worth the risk, cause for every crook that is investigated, prosecuted and sentenced, the are 100's that do not get discovered or the evidence is weak or the amount of money from the theft is not significant, but it might be all the victim had.

Gayle is a: FINANCIAL PREDATOR and a LIAR! Cage her!

Anonymous said...

Well done, jury. I don't think it would have taken me more than an hour to decide either!

Norma said...

Judge John Mehlick, please read Sue's comment. If you give Sandra Gayle probation, then you're sending a clear message that crime does indeed pay.

Give her 15 years, judge.

Anonymous said...

Keep locking these thieves up until they quit thieving!

Anonymous said...

Guardians beware! We are making progress. What gets me is all the smaller amounts the courts, judges and guardians take that add up to thousands, but not enough to pursue, or even prove (since they won't give an account)but we know.