Saturday, October 3, 2009

Federal Lawsuit to Stop Cuts in Homecare Filed

Several individuals needing critical assistance to remain safely in their homes, advocates for seniors and people with disabilities, and the unions whose members provide care, today filed suit in federal court in San Francisco to prevent impending cuts in the "In-Home Supportive Services" program, known as IHSS. The class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of four low-income Californians who need IHSS to remain safely at home. The plaintiffs include two children with disabilities who need special care, an 81 year old senior who needs IHSS to remain in her apartment, and a young man with autism and bi-polar disorder whose IHSS provider assists him with basic tasks.

The cuts in IHSS services are scheduled to take effect November 1, 2009. At least 40,000 people will lose services entirely and an additional 97,000 will have their services cut sharply. Among the services to be cut are help with cooking, food shopping, cleaning and assistance to medical appointments – cost-effective services which frail seniors and those with disabilities depend on to avoid more costly placement in institutions such as nursing homes.

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Federal Lawsuit to Stop Cuts to Homecare to 130,000 Californians Filed Today


Lori View said...

Cutting home-community services is a terrible disservice, not just to the individuals in need of benefits, but to the American taxpayer as well. The cost of institutionalization is higher than home care, and we are hearing too many horror stories these days about nursing and group homes.

Anonymous said...

Whenever there are cuts, they start in home care. At the same time, the movement is growing to move care from nursing homes back to home.

I am glad to see this lawsuit and I hope it brings attention to this problem.

Anonymous said...

We must protect home health care. Noone wants to go in a nursing home -- so let's support any effort to promote home health.

Norma said...

People who are cared for at home are not subject to as many germs and so don't get unnecessary illnesses --- cheaper for the taxpayers.

StandUp said...

Good for you folks! I wish you great success and than you for doing this suit which will benefit every CA citizen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stepping up to the plate and taking them on!

We will be hoping for your success. Your success is success for all of us!