Sunday, September 27, 2009

Letter to the United Nations

My name is Dr. Janet Louise Parker D.V.M. I am the founder and Executive Director of Medical Whistleblower. As Executive Director, I provide information and direct services to Medical Whistleblowers and actively work to democratically transform legal and social systems to protect their civil and human rights.

I would define a Medical Whistleblower as a person who has come forward to report Medical Fraud, Abuse or Neglect to State, Federal or International governmental authorities.

There is an appalling lack of Due Process for Medical Whistleblowers who report what they know about the human rights violations. One Medical Whistleblower, Allen Jones, was the Investigator for the State of Pennsylvania's Office of the Inspector General. IAG Investigator Allen Jones reported a widespread corruption of the governmental process to allow wholesale violation of the human rights of vulnerable children and adults by the pharmaceutical companies for profit. Human rights derive from the dignity of the human person. These rights were violated for commercial profit and personal power. When Allen Jones and other Medical Whistleblowers, many of them doctors (Psychiatrists and Psychologists) came forward to report the abuses they saw, they were retaliated against by constructive discharge, employment discrimination, threats against person, and even removal of their medical licenses. Gross mistreatment in connection with in-patient treatment of vulnerable children and adults should not be tolerated under international law. The criminals used Guardian abuse to generate profit by prolonged arbitrary detention of involuntary patients for medical fraud. A courageous attorney from the state of Alaska, Jim Gottstein, formed The Psychiatric Law Project to look into the legal means to try to protect the human rights of the victims of Medical Fraud, Psychiatric abuse and Guardian Abuse. What he found was a system that although initially meant to assist those with mental illness, is now so broken that there continue to be egregious violations of human rights and assaults on human dignity.

Full Article and Source:
Medical Whistleblower Letter to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

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Anonymous said...

Good letter, Ms. Parker. I hope it gets some attention.

StandUp said...

Without medical whistleblowers, there would be more cases of unnecessary death or injury caused by doctors, pharma or hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Whistleblowers are brave people. Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I am particularly interested in the nationwide guardian abuse. This is happening to my friend and companion right now. Visitation has been taken away. The judge, attorneys and guardian are going through his assets. The guardian has no accountability, except to the very judge and attorney that originally declared the incapacity. The same ones who are profiting from his assets. Something really stinks!
Please continue your fight, Whistleblowers!