Friday, October 2, 2009

Felons as Caregivers

At least 2,400 day care workers were on the job before their records turned up, including a Tampa man with this note in his screening record: "EVIL DUDE-RAPE+KIDNAP+SEX ASLT," a statewide database of screenings since 1985 shows.

Hundreds of people in Hillsborough County charged with offenses such as theft, prostitution, robbery, arson and other crimes received state exemptions to care for children, elderly and the disabled, according to the newspaper's databases.

Through an exemption system created by lawmakers two decades ago, Florida has cleared more than 8,700 people with criminal records to be caregivers. They include 45 murderers, 12 registered sex offenders and 200 people with histories of harming children.

Full Article and Source:
System Puts Felons in Caregiver Jobs

Additional Information:
Databases: Search Criminal Records and Inspections


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing the links to the databases so people do their own investigation.

Norma said...

The articles coming out of Florida this week about nursing homes and the real danger to patients have been enlightening. Thank you NASGA.

Anonymous said...

My Grandmother always said you don't want to get sick in Florida because Florida doesn't care about old folks.

She was right.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what an awful thought I just had. I read the story above about assisted suicide and then all this about Florida nursing homes. It gave me the fleeting thought that Florida nursing homes are a good argument for assisted suicide. Most people would rather die than be subjected to abuse and danger.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Florida nursing home series sparks more people to take care of their loved ones at home -- and out of the nursing home.

Thelma said...

What's wrong with our government?
Are they incompetent, corrupt, or both, when they let these things happen, especially to such vulnerable individuals?