Thursday, October 7, 2010

Father: "I Do Call it Gestapo Justice."

[A]fter three decades of raising their daughter, Frank and Chila Covington have been cut out of Ceci's world. They are allowed to see their 39-year old daughter, who lives in a nursing home, just a few hours a week.


Article and Source:
Arlington Couple Seeks Return of Disabled Daughter, After "Secret Hearing"

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Families Lose Guardianship in Secret Hearings


Thelma said...

Gestapo, no!
Perversion of law, yes!

"Secret hearings" on B.S. claims!
It's happening all over.

StandUp said...

This daughter can be sent home today if the Covington's elected representives got together and shouted.

jerri said...

this is simple it is 100% wrong and 100% insane power and control freaks when will the people wake up and see what is in their future?

Lilly said...

I disagree with the description of gestapo justice.

It's just plain CRIMINAL what the system has done to this family and is still doing to Ceci.

Sean said...

I will pray for the Covington family and for the souls of the abuers who will suffer their fate when they are judged by their creator.

Sally said...

Outrageous. And a crying shame. I am so sorry for this innocent family.

Barbara said...

Brave and honorable parents. I hope they get their daughter back.