Sunday, February 20, 2011

Couple Indicted for Bilking Grandmother Out of Over 200K

A grand jury has indicted a couple for bilking a relative out of more than $203,000.

34-year-old Benjamin Rush and 36-year-old Anne Rush were each indicted on one count of exploitation of an adult.

Investigators say the couple moved into Anne Rush's grandmother's home to take care of her, and during that time used her money for their personal use. They say the couple continued spending the money after the grandmother was placed in a nursing home.

"We are starting to see quite a bit more of these cases, unfortunately as the economy continue to suffer. I think people are doing this kind of thing and it is a shame that these elderly individuals are often victims," says Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Lynn Coleman.

Benjamin Rush was arrested Tuesday. He was released on bond from the Boyle County Detention Center on Thursday. Investigators say they're still looking for Anne Rush.

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Couple Accused of Bilking More Than $200,000 From Grandmother


StandUp said...

Very sad and it will get sadder as Grandmother becomes a guardianship ward.

Beth said...

Yes, Standup, you're right. It's bad enough what they did, but what's going to happen now?

Anonymous said...

You can check out ceclay on youtube to see EXACTLY what my grandmother is like, I'm releasing videos of the last time I visited. I'm so disgusted I am with this entire medical system so I had to move to California even being homeless so I could have brain surgery. I can't tell you how disgusted I am that we are not just blood... I'm going to post a facebook page "for the love of Granny" so you know who she is and hopefully what will become of her.

If I could move here to Glendale I would in a heartbeat. I'm also publishing Volumes of my diary, Dear Demented Diary Vol 1 Life Cycles so you get an idea of why Anne is so... Anne.

Tragically my grandmother is NOT THE ONLY person she's abused. I've got stories... I've got stories...

If you honestly want to keep up with it then check me out. I'll keep you current.