Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Charges in SeniorCare Case

Gloucester police say they have found "insufficient evidence" to pursue criminal charges against SeniorCare case manager Marsha Collard or anyone else regarding the treatment of 83-year-old Joseph Judd at McPherson Park housing.

In a 20-page report, police said they explored possible criminal action by financial exploitation or illegal dispensing of a controlled substance, such as Collard's handling of Judd's medication.

"The bottom line is that Joe Judd isn't fit to testify in court, and we found no one who could say they directly saw any criminal activity," said Detective Ken Ryan, who conducted the investigation, adding "you can only rely on what you're told."

Launched in November, the police probe was prompted by complaints first brought in June by Judd's grandson, Vito Loiacono, 35, alleging that, during 31/2 years under Collard's supervision in the state-subsidized housing program, Judd's prescription medication was withheld, and nearly $17,000 was withdrawn from his checking account for unspecified purposes and with no receipts.

Collard, who did not return a request for comment, was cleared of any wrongdoing through an in-house review by her employer in July, and has since been out on workers' comp. SeniorCare has repeatedly refused to discuss the matter, citing privacy concerns.

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Police See No Charges in SeniorCare Case


StandUp said...

We don't know for sure, of course, but I believe this looks like a cover up.

Ron said...


Beth said...

No doubt, Ron!

Ray said...

I am sorry for Joe Judd and his family and will pray for them.