Sunday, February 20, 2011

CT Probate Case About Far More Than Money

Mary Gennotti, age 82, remarried her estranged husband in February 2009. At the time she was suffering from a brain tumor and advanced dementia. She signed her marriage license with an X. She would be dead within a month.

The odd ceremony was just part of a sequence of events involving his sister that didn’t make sense to New London retiree Robert Jetmore. Now he and Gennotti’s younger son, Robert, are trying to figure out what exactly happened to Mary.

They are hardly the only ones who are interested. A Connecticut author, Ron Winter, who has published a book called “Granny Snatching,” has blogged about the case. Articles critical of the probate system’s handling of it have appeared on several well-read Connecticut web sites. Additionally, the Office of the Attorney General is looking into the matter.

And it’s become something of a crusade for New Britain attorney Sally Roberts, who is representing Jetmore and Robert Genotti pro bono. “With greed in the family, when people die, the worst comes out,” Roberts said.

“There is an obvious stench about the whole matter,” Roberts said. “It does not pass the smell test.”

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Probate Case is About Far More Than Money


StandUp said...

Another CT probate injustice.

Norma said...

This one really stinks.

Freddie said...

True, Sally, greed comes out in families. But, it usually pales in comparison to guardianship greed.