Saturday, June 2, 2012

Attorney Ken Ditkowsky: The Constitution vs. Whores of Justice

What is most amazing is the fact that the Courts should be so benign in their defense of the victims of Elder Abuse/Financial Exploitation of the Elder and so pro-active in their defense of the criminals who are appointed by it and who misuse their offices as guardians to exploit and abuse senior citizens (or assist others in their endeavor of abusing and exploiting grandma). What is also amazing is the fact that decent and normally caring people can sit on their hands and allow this tragic situation to continue. Two faced and disingenuous members of the political elite who ‘rape’ grandma and then boast about the fact that they are distressed that she might have her social security reduced by a dollar are expected to be miscreants. The Courts and Law Enforcement are expected to be vigorous in defense of liberty, justice, and the American way. It may all sound trite – but ****.

The Illinois ARDC prosecution of yours truly for the exercise of my First Amendment Rights has opened my eyes and generated the realization that the slogan “democracy is not a spectator sport” is not only true but a dire warning. The bulwark of America is her Bill of Rights and in particular the First and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The Right protected by the Sixth Amendment to counsel is also important but I am not of record in any of the cases that I are mentioned in the ethics complaint filed by the ARDC against me. The rights of citizens to employ a lawyer who is not married to the ‘status quo’ or the current politics is only a tangent. So the fact that I stand accused of doing a FRCP 11 investigation and communicating with my clients and reporting serious misconduct on the part of some ‘august’ court appointed vultures is relevant only as it relates to whether or not the ARDC can engage in a prior restraint of my continued calls for an investigation and my advocating for the Right of a senior citizen not to be wrongfully deprived of his/her liberty property or human rights to further the avarice of some ‘whore of justice.’

As an American Citizen and a lawyer who takes the oath that I took in 1961 seriously, I will and intend to continue to call on Law Enforcement to Investigate the Mary Sykes case and all of those similar cases regardless of the personal consequences to me. Indeed, I call for an honest and comprehensive investigation of the Sykes, Tyler, Wyman and similar cases. I call for the investigation of Farenga, Stern, and Schmiedel and their conduct in relation to the Sykes case, their wrongful prosecution of a sanction motion against me knowing that the Court had no jurisdiction, their interference with the property rights of Gloria Sykes etc. This is America. Mary Sykes who just weeks before a petition was filed to determine her incompetent and eligible to be deprived of her liberty, her property, civil rights and human rights is reported to have passed a written examination administered by the Illinois Secretary of State in addition to filing a Petition for a Protective order against the very person who was appointed her plenary guardian. Thanks to efforts of the two guardian ad litem appointed in the Sykes case this petition was never addressed or heard in the Circuit Court.

If legal justification for my conduct is necessary, the rationale and justification is ‘set in stone. The New Times vs. Sullivan case and the Pentagon Papers cases affirm that the effort to silence me and/or intimidate me whether by the actions of Mr. Stern, Ms. Farenga or Mr. Schmiedel or a government agency is wrong. The ‘assault’ on the liberty, property and civil rights of Mary Sykes, Gloria Sykes, their family, their friends et al is not necessitated by National Security - the avarice of the plenary guardian and her co-conspirators does not meet the criterion set forth by the United States Supreme Court in the Pentagon Papers case.

The Gulag mentality that is robbing the senior citizens of the liberty, their property, civil rights and human rights reported on the blogs and on the inter-net (and virtually ignored in the press and by law enforcement) is foreign. Our heroes are not the guardian ad litem who aid and abet a plenary guardian who isolates a senior citizen and separates her from her family, her activities, her friends and her property. Today we live in the year 2012, however, we have allowed a small group of miscreants to create in seniors the fear, desperation, and hopelessness that millions of Europeans felt in 1936.

The Sykes case and all those cases in which senior citizens are either losing their liberty, property, civil rights, human rights need to be investigated and the miscreants given free room board and time to contemplate the error of their ways. A Free society cannot tolerate or condone the events that have been reported in the Sykes case and similar cases! Citizens have to speak out and avoid the 1936 scenario for grandma! Grandma’s protectors cannot be silenced or intimidated. We have law enforcement to protect us! It is time for them to start doing exactly that.

Ken Ditkowsky


Thelma said...

The problem lies also with the legislators. What percentage of them are lawyers? They can write stronger laws and force law enforcement to do their job. But why break up a good thing? Maybe they can get some of the action when they retire.

Barbara said...

I always enjoy reading Mr. Ditkowsky's comments! Thank you, NASGA.

Sue said...

This is what happens when a lawyer stands up for right vs wrong. I hope and pray this shining star attorney Ditkowsky prevails.

Dennis Andrew Ball said...

"The Only Thing EVIL Needs To Succeed IS That Good People Do NOTHING! - Edmund Burke (1789)

I implore each of US to take ACTION & demonstrate to the AUTHORITIES your resolve to see that JUSTICE IS SERVED on this EVIL~! That IS what this IS - EVIL! It now visits the United States through the


Anonymous said...

Thank you, KD, for your continued pursuit of justice on the 18th floor of the Daley Center. My loved was was victimized and made poor and destitute during her predatory guardianship proceedings on the 18th floor.

What is occurring is collusive, criminal, exploitative, and sickening. All who see and do not speak out are guilty.

We need whistleblowers with ethics, and whitstleblowers who just plain do not want to go down when the Greylord proceedings begin.

Debbie said...

Ken Ditkowsky is a man after my own heart! Thank you for being one of the rare good guys and for speaking up for those who have been silenced.

Anonymous said...

There are many victims of guardianship abuse in Cook County. Predatory guardianships, illegal removals of POAs, OBRA Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, VA funds abuse, Medicare fraud, illegal admissions into hospice. The same judges' names appear over and over again. And the abuse is not just against the elderly, it is against disabled children and their families as well.

Something must be done.

Crook County Supporter of Right vs Wrong said...

I agree with all the comments standing ovation and applause to Attorney Ditkowsky Thank You for not backing down how can we support you? I fear you will be punished by the ARDC taking away your law license or suspend your ability to practice law? What recourse do you have if they go that far?

Dennis Andrew Ball said...

Arizona Litigation Attorney, Grant H. Goodman was suspended by Disciplinary Judge, William J. O'neal, the same barrister that disbarred Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas and two of
his legal staff. William J. O'neal is being investigated for ethics violations by concerned
citizens who see the Bench as a Tresspass Of The Law. Judge 0'neal has a history of using his
authority to punish others by his bias for them. Citizens 4 Clean Courts, Citizens For Probate
Reform & Judicial Accountability, Citizens for Judicial Accountability & Reform (CJAR) ALL in
one voice demanding that the State Legislature proceed to impeach & remove Corrupt Judges from
the Bench & Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes against the people
and those they took an Oath to protect!

Steve said...

I am glad there's a lawyer out there like Mr. Ditkowsky. At the same time, I'm sad he's the only one. I know there are other good lawyers, but do they speak up for the downtrodden and abused? I've not heard of them. We need to clone this man.

Erik said...

It gives me hope to read attorney Ditkowsky's words. I felt there weren't any good attorneys out there before reading his articles on this blog. My hat is off to you, sir.