Thursday, June 14, 2012

Judge Fires Back in Rosa Parks Estate Dispute

For nearly a year, Farmington Hills, Mich., attorney Steven G. Cohen has publicly hammered Wayne County Probate Judge Freddie Burton Jr. over his handling of the estate of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

But Burton has finally fired back.

In a two-page order Monday, Burton dismissed Cohen's recently filed lawsuit against Burton and two probate lawyers Burton put in charge of the estate. Cohen had accused of them of conspiring with Burton to loot Parks' estate through excessive and unnecessary legal fees.

Burton also dismissed Cohen's request for a default judgment against Burton and the two lawyers -- John Chase Jr. and Melvin Jefferson Jr. -- and as well as Cohen's request for a subpoena to depose all three of them for the lawsuit.

Burton went on to accuse Cohen of engaging in a campaign that violates the state's code of professional conduct for lawyers and ordered Cohen to stop harassing him with "unfounded, illegal pleadings."

The judge also ordered lawyers in the case to stop filing legal briefs until he decides Cohen's request that Burton disqualify himself from continuing to handle the case.

Cohen was furious.

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Judge Fires Back in Rosa Parks Estate Dispute Case

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StandUp said...

Of course the judge fires back and the thing is the judge has the power -- so watch out lawyers. It's not about what's right or what's wrong or even the law. The judge is in revenge mode.

Donny said...

You're right, StandUp, the judge has all the power and will wield it against any opposition.

Friend said...

Judge Freddie Burton might have prevailed in his own courtroom but we'll see how far his allies can carry him. Sounding like a saint, Alan May defends the Good Ole' Boys - here and in the probate court.

Rachel said...

I hope Cohen files a complaint on the judge.