Friday, June 15, 2012

Remembering our Isolated Mothers on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

A number of moms spent Mother’s Day unlawfully imprisoned and isolated from loved ones. Those moms are victims of abusive conservators and guardians.

Jean Swope at Wildwood Canyon Villa in Yucaipa, CA
The court appointed Swope’s step-granddaughter as conservator, after the step-granddaughter abducted Swope and made false accusations against Swope’s immediate family who were caring for her. According to court records, the step-granddaughter unlawfully imprisoned and isolated Swope from loved ones for fifteen months. Swope was not allowed visitors on her 75th birthday, Christmas 2010, or Mother’s Day 2011. A court order now requires Wildwood Canyon Villa and the step-granddaughter to allow visitation.

Gisela Riordan at Villa Fontana in in San Jose, CA
The court appointed the Santa Clara County Public Guardian as Riordan’s conservator, although Riordan has a son who wishes to provide care. According to Riordan’s family, the Public Guardian unlawfully imprisoned and isolated Riordan from loved ones for over two years. Riordan was not allowed to see her family for Christmas 2011. She was allowed a one-hour supervised, paid visit with her son Marcus on Mother’s Day 2012. Riordan had lost about a third of her body weight. Her dentures are missing; she needs glasses and a hearing aid.

Jennie Horace in Washington, D.C.
The court appointed a private guardian for Horace, although Horace has a daughter who wishes to provide care. According to Horace’s family, the private guardian unlawfully imprisoned and isolated Horace from loved ones to varying degrees for two years. Horace was not allowed to see her daughter, Lisa Charles, on Mother’s Day 2012. Horace is held prisoner in her own home. Doors are locked to prevent her escape. The refrigerator is locked to prevent her eating when she wishes.

Retta Rickrow at Villas at Belleair in Clearwater, FL
The court appointed a professional guardian for Rickrow, although she has a daughter who wishes to provide care. According to Rickrow’s family, the professional guardian unlawfully imprisoned and isolated Rickrow from loved ones for two years. Just recently, Rickrow has been allowed limited, supervised, paid visitation on Sundays only. Rickrow’s 82nd birthday is June 6. She will not be allowed visitors for her birthday.

Full Article and Source:
Mother's Day Elder Abuse


Thelma said...

What a sick thing!

California may well be the most dangerous place in the country for our elders to live.

Karen said...

You're right, Thelma. Thank you, Linda.

Norma said...

I have been following Linda Kincaid's reports on The Examiner and thank her for her dedication to help others who otherwise would have no hope whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

It should read, "Guardianship, Conservatorship and Trusteeship, are Elder Abuse.

Each defrauds the elderly of their assets AND rights. eb

StandUp said...

I can't imagine how these Mothers feel. Thank you, Linda, for speaking up and standing up for them.