Thursday, June 14, 2012

PA Woman Accused of Spending $300K Intended for Nursing Home Care

Almost five years ago, her dying neighbor asked Virginia Marquardt to look out for her personal finances after she entered a nursing home.

Instead, police say, the Bensalem woman helped herself to more than $300,000 of the woman’s money between August 2007 and March.

Rather than pay the bills for the woman’s nursing home care, Marquardt, 65, allegedly bought numerous vacations to Las Vegas, Lake Placid, Hilton Head and Mexico, casino trips, scuba lessons, country club and golf club memberships and $1,325 in luxury watches. She also used the woman’s money for home repairs and business expenses for her husband.

Marquardt, who faces five felony theft-related charges that could put her in jail for up to 35 years, was arrested and arraigned before Bensalem District Judge Joseph Falcone, who set her bail at $300,000/10 percent — the minimum amount the District Attorney requested. Her husband, Edward, immediately posted the bail.

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Bensalem Woman Spent $300K Intended for Nursing Care


StandUp said...

35 years sounds about right!

Donny said...

If her husband posted the bail so quickly, that could be an indication that Virginia Marquardt had plenty of her own money she could lavish on herself.

Rachel said...

I wonder how long this went on before it was noticed.

Anonymous said...

This woman is dispicable and so is her husband.
Check her OSHA recordable accidents and the company payouts from her employer from 2001to the present.

Anonymous said...

Shifty Marquardt was walking a fine line at her employer before this.Save a lil revenue at poor immigrant expenses being a.nurse and maybe not reporting serious accidents, hmmmm.