Monday, June 30, 2014

Missouri Man, John Flentie, Fights for Freedom from Guardianship

Two years ago, Flentie had more than $660,000 in various bank accounts and stock investments, not including the equity in his home. He had zero credit card debt, paid every bill on time by automatic withdrawal and, documents show, had a perfect credit rating of 990.

Now, with the Platte County public administrator as his conservator, he gets $50 a month of his own money to spend. Moreover, because the law permits the administrator to use Flentie’s own funds to pay for his room, board and care at the nursing home as well as to pay for the mortgage, utilities and upkeep on the home he has not lived in for two years, documents show he is more than $80,000 poorer than when the conservatorship began.

“They’re even using his funds to pay for the county’s legal representation in his appeal,” said Leawood friend and former classmate Mike McCowen, 72, a pilot who worked for Phillips Petroleum for 38 years. That sum so far is just over $10,000.
“So he’s fighting against his own money.”

Full Article and Source:
The Saga of John Flentie:  Platte County Man Fights Against His Guardianship

R“What’s happened to John Flentie is simply disgusting,” said his attorney, Jonathan Sternberg. “This is a story about a perfectly good, law-abiding, hardworking person who has had the government step into his life, railroaded him and has taken away everything


Thelma said...

Two-minute notice?
Habeas corpus in federal court!

Betty said...

The Flentie case appears to be a classic argument for supported decision making. He didn't need to lose his life or his rights. All he needed was a little help.

Shame on the guardian for not letting go of this man.

Anonymous said...

The most telling detail here is that this man is paying lawyers on all sides, while the lawyers systematically ignore his due process rights.

In every state, we need a statutory cap, $500 total, on all attorney's fees from public funds and from the incapacitated person's own funds.

If agencies, hospitals, and petitioners want to rack up attorney's fees and violate people's rights, at least make them do it with their own money, not someone else's.

Otherwise, these conspiracies to churn cases, rack up attorney's fees, and ignore the rights of the elderly and disabled will continue.

Parker said...

Shame on them for what they're doing to this man.

Barbara Inman said...

An example of the out of control system turned into a LUCRATIVE racket.

We the people are taken for fools. We fund the criminal activities from our tax dollars yet we aren't allowed to voice our opinions where it matters.

I look at the judge who is enabling this scam to continue on John Flentie who is in better physical condition and mental condition than the majority of people 1/2 his age.

Don't like people who collect stuff - well too bad that isn't a reason to take everything from this person who lived his life properly.

Missouri is under a dark cloud until Mr. Flentie is released from his captors.

Immunities must be eliminated. This is not an error made in good faith this case is an example of how to mug and steal from a good citizen.

Junebug said...

The guardian's track record is enough to be removed for.

This is so wrong on many levels. I hope the story spreads across the country and I am glad to see NASGA doing its part in making it happen!

Anonymous said...

It is not about the person and their rights. It is about getting his money and a system readily in place to support doing just that. The abuses are epidemic in the system and if he fights for his rights to his money he will lose even more. Great system... Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Lawyers make the laws and they see these cases as easy money. No checks and balances and corruption is rife. I used to collect news items on guardianship abuses... The number is astounding. Some guardians have hidden beloved parents from their children if the children tried to fight to protect their parents.

They turn the children into looking like monsters to hide their corruption

I don't think most people realize how really in danger they can be I as they get old. Even loved family can't help

Anonymous said...

Hear is the Missouri Supreme Court phone number if you want to call and urge them to hear his case: (573) 751-4144

Leslie Geffen said...

Whatever happened with this case? Last entry was in 2014. Was Mr. Flentie ever freed from this horrible situation? Now it is Sept. 2016, what is the update on his status?