Thursday, July 3, 2014

Court-Appointed Guardianship Program is a 'Huge Injustice'

A Medina woman says her life has been nothing but stress ever since a judge appointed an attorney to oversee her husband’s medical affairs.

Former Medina County Probate Judge John Lohn in 2011 declared now-78-year-old Larry Nauth incompetent to handle his own medical and financial decisions because he has Alzheimer’s disease.

Lohn appointed an attorney as medical guardian because Marie Nauth and her husband’s children from a previous marriage couldn’t get along and couldn’t agree on which family member should oversee his affairs. Nauth became financial guardian.

The appointed attorney later resigned and in January 2012 a new one stepped in.

That’s when Nauth said her troubles began.

“She has full power over my poor husband and I’m just kind of stuck with that,” Nauth said. “It’s not what I thought it would be like at all.”

She’s had trouble getting in contact with the guardian via email and telephone, Nauth said, which could seriously damage her husband’s health.

“As soon as the hospitals find out there’s a guardian, they don’t know who they can talk to — even though I’m his wife,” she said. “Huge mistakes can be made if they can’t get ahold of her.”

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Wife:  Court-Appointed Guardianship Program is "Huge Injustice"


Thelma said...

Guardianship, as operated today, is more than a huge injustice - it is a CRIME!

Sue said...

I agree Thelma the system established decades ago is not recognizable today. The system is twisted into a lucrative business with no federal, state or county regulations with too much court discretion anything goes and good luck challenging the attorney fees can lead you to bankruptcy with no success in the court process.

All by design? You be the judge.

Best bet is to get your power of attorney for health care and property in order.

And remember family discord and disputes are lawyers dream case.

Kathleen said...

Many guardians don't tell the family members anything, they are treated as outsiders. It is a crime! There is need of much reform in guardianship. To me it is just a legal way to steal and abuse people.

Betty said...

The financial guardian runs the g'ship. I don't know, of course, but I think Mrs. Nauth is letting the attorney/guardian walk over her.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for this wife and know the hell she's going through.

Mary Mcclain said...

We put my mom's boyfriend in Autumn HealthCare and once a court guardian took over we never saw him again. She is very mean and will not let people see him..