Friday, July 4, 2014

Documentary: ALIVE INSIDE

ALIVE INSIDE is a joyous cinematic exploration of music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity.

Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles the astonishing experiences of individuals around the country who have been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music. His camera reveals the uniquely human connection we find in music and how its healing power can triumph where prescription medication falls short.

This stirring documentary follows social worker Dan Cohen, founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, as he fights against a broken healthcare system to demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it. Rossato-Bennett visits family members who have witnessed the miraculous effects of personalized music on their loved ones, and offers illuminating interviews with experts including renowned neurologist and best-selling author Oliver Sacks (Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain) and musician Bobby McFerrin (“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”).

An uplifting cinematic exploration of music and the mind, ALIVE INSIDE’s inspirational and emotional story left audiences humming, clapping and cheering at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award.

Alive Inside - Trailer and Theater Schedule


Thelma said...

Music soothes the savage beast AND cab also stir the quiet people.

Finny said...

I love the picture and can't wait to see Alive Inside.

Sue said...

I saw this on the Katie Couric Show. I stopped what I was doing to watch.

Amazing and yet so simple music experiments on plants thriving, surviving or dying all related to the music of their preference.

That is the key the music we enjoy and want to hear. I consider listening to music that I do not want to hear: TORTURE AND PUNISHMENT with one goal is to get away from the torture or terminate the source.

Most of the time I listen to nothing to distract my concentration; silence is golden.

But there are times when I need to transition that's when the sound of music I enjoy enters my life. I hope those under guardianships are part of this therapy. Many wards are intentionally drugged into non-responsive condition and compliance to ensure the guardianship continues til death do they part.

Thank you Don Cohen. And thank you Katie Couric and ABC for bringing this important subject matter to the public.