Thursday, July 3, 2014

Montana Judge Suspended Over Rape Case Opposes Suspension

A Montana judge who made disparaging remarks about a teenage sexual assault victim and issued an unusually light sentence to her attacker last year is asking the state's Supreme Court to withdraw his suspension..
Judge G. Todd Baugh, who was soundly rebuked when he suggested that the 14-year-old victim of a 2008 sexual assault case was "as much in control of the situation" as her assailant, Casey Rambold, contends in court papers filed Friday that inaccurate news accounts helped lead to his suspension.

The victim killed herself before Rambold was arrested, though it is not clear if the suicide was linked to the assault. Baugh issued a suspended sentence to Rambold, a teacher who pleaded guilty to one county of sexual intercourse without consent and faced 20 years in prison, meaning he served 30 days in jail.

In Montana, the minimum sentence for that crime is two years. Baugh later tried to have the sentence modified, but the Supreme Court blocked him on procedural grounds.

The Supreme Court in May ordered a different judge to resentence Rambold and the former teacher could face additional prison time. Baugh has admitted in court filings that he erred by issuing the light sentence, but comments he made during and after the sentencing made the veteran judge the target of a torrent of criticism.

He suggested that the victim was "a troubled youth" and "older than her chronological age."

When questioned by reporters last year, Baugh also downplayed the crime, describing it as "horrible enough as it is given her age, but it wasn't this forcible beat-up rape."

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Montana Judge Suspended Over Rape Comments Opposes Suspension


Anonymous said...

Sexual predators prey on troubled kids, your Honor. They do so precisely because they want to make sure the victim won't be believed, and so that their crimes will not be discovered by caring, involved parents and others.

"Shoot the messenger" and "attack the victim" are tried and true strategies when these crimes come to light.

Retire, NOW, and put us all out of the misery of continuing to hear about your clueless, deranged defense. Your actions and statements really just amount to enabling child rape, downplaying child suicide, and lending the prestige of your judicial office to protect the "family secret."

With a little distance from the bench, perhaps some day you will realize how outrageous your actions were, and continue to be. Meanwhile, the rest of us deserve to be rid of your sorry excuses.

Betty said...

I agree with Anonymous completely.

RETIRE NOW and get it over with.