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"Probate Judge Kathryn George Jails Mom, Seizes Daughter and Estate"

Mailauni Williams begged to hug her mother Lennette Williams and her sister before Judge Kathryn George ordered the mother jailed 10 days for contempt during a chaotic, hostile hearing June 13 in the chambers of Wayne County Probate Court Chief Judge Milton Mack.

“I am her daughter,” Mailauni cried out from the audience to the judge. “I just came to give her respect.” She told the judge “I cried,” when she was taken away from her mother during a raid May 22 by Grosse Pointe Farms police and deputy sheriffs.

She got up and hugged her mother during the hearing after she heard the judge berate her. Her temporary guardian, Pamela Reid of Faith Connections, took her out of the courtroom later so that she would not have to watch sheriffs put her mother under arrest.

Williams has been her child’s guardian for over 20 years, but George stripped her of that role. She also denied her access to a $30 million lifetime support settlement paid by Henry Ford Hospital for birth trauma that left Mailauni with cerebral palsy and her mother, now 62, with physical injuries.

Under Mack, that estate had already been substantially stripped by attorney fees, with mother and daughter relegated to monthly payments at the court’s whim. Investigative reporter Curt Guyette did a comprehensive expose of the family’s ongoing troubles in Wayne County Probate Court which was published in the Metro Times in 2002. (See link to “Mother and Child Rebellion” in “Related Stories.”)

Without access to those funds, Williams is in danger of losing the home she purchased for herself and Mailauni in Grosse Pointe Farms. She has been a full-time caregive for her daughter since her birth.

George, blatantly hostile towards Williams and her attorney, denied an alternate petition for guardianship from Mailauni’s sister Monique Williams, despite estate trustee Walter Sakowski’s recommendation in favor of it.

Judge Kathryn George

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Shady Probate Judge Kathryn George Jails Mom, Seizes Daughter and Estate


Finny said...

The judge is a real piece of work and should be in anger management classes.

Donna Marie said...

Money money money

Perry Clouse said...

this judge is the one who needs to be jailed and off the bench

Anonymous said...

I think Judge Kathryn George should be charged with Elder Abuse.

Anne said...

I don't know that the judge is necessarily racist. I have a sneaking suspicion that she treats most family badly.

Thelma said...

Read the original article for important detail.

Shirley said...

I am praying for this family and praying also that the judges involved put themselves in the shoes of this family and treat them with respect and dignity, as they would want to be treated.

B Inberg said...

The judge needs to be off the bench. Think about what we don't know about this Wicked Witch?

This goes to show you folks all you learned in school about justice well, the truth of the matter is based on proof, the good the bad and the ugly of judges this judge is the bad and the very ugly Witch wearing a robe which I hope turns into an orange jumpsuit.

Shame shame shame on you Judge Kathryn George and KARMA.

Steve said...


Jose said...

Wonder why this judge has not been thoroughly investigated? If she did it to this family, she's done it to others.

Anonymous said...

What Judge George of Macomb County was doing in Chief Judge Mack's Wayne County court on that day is more of a mystery than her rank decision to sentence to jail the mother, guardian and caregiver of a developmentally disabled adult. It's about the house. Demoted from Chief from making deals with attorney conservators in 2008 and routinely making headlines for breaking the rules, it's time for Michigan's Supreme Court to step in again. This poor family.

Anonymous said...

You know, when the disabled person that the court is supposedly "protecting" is thrown out of the courtroom and bilked for the fees of multiple attorneys, we have a serious misunderstanding of the very purpose of guardianship.

Guardianship is not about control, about sweeping victims and their families off the streets. It's not about the business plan of greedy, unethical lawyers. It's about protection, assistance, services to benefit the incapacitated person.

Judges, public officials, and most particularly attorneys and guardians ad litem who don't get that should lose their privilege to participate in these cases, by whatever means necessary.

MAP said...

Michigan's State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) allows that "Judges within the same county or in nearby counties may be cross-assigned so that when there is a temporary absence or unavailability of a judge, the assigned judge can hear matters and sign orders."

Judge George hears Developmentally Disabled (DD) cases in Macomb County's Mental [Health] Division so she might appear to have been a logical choice for this hearing. Nonetheless, since George lost her right to preside over Estates cases in Macomb County years ago following SCAO's investigations into money corruption, assigning her to any case in which money is a critical issue - especially one involving a $30M lawsuit and a lovely home in a desirable area - appears shortsighted.

MAP said...

"Curiosity killed the cat".

Judge Milton Mack recused himself from the Williams' case in December 2000 following threats on his life by Lenette Williams. The remaining two Wayne County probate judges recused, as well. SCAO appointed Judge Kirkendall of Washtenau County in 2000 to oversee proceedings and when he retired in 2006, SCAO appointed Judge George. She's not new to the case; nor are conjectures about 'racial bias'.

William's case has roots in a embezzlement scam perpetrated by Guardian, Inc. and reported by John Chase, Jr., (ABA), Special Conservator appointed by Wayne County Probate. (AKA 'The Chase Reports - "1" and "2".) As her daughter's conservator after receiving a large settlement, Lenette Williams paid Doug Elliard, attorney and Public Administrator, $2,000/year to file annual accounts that he never filed for 7 years. She later claimed she never knew that she was her daughter's conservator. That's just the tip of it all (per Chief Judge Milton Mack).
Diehards like me can read 'The Chase Reports' and a 2002 Voice of Detroit article that describes the case in greater detail.