Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Theft Suspect Attends Victim's Guardianship Hearing

Samuel Perkins, 45, the suspect in a case involving the alleged theft of an elderly East Side man’s home and life savings, made an appearance in court Monday, although the hearing he attended did not involve him.
The hearing, instead, was to determine guardianship of the alleged victim, Isiah Bradwell.
Bradwell son’s, Isaiah Bradwell Jr., filed the motion seeking legal guardianship of his father.
He testified in court that his father, who is 86 years old -- not 84 as previously reported -- suffers from dementia, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.
“Speaking to the doctors, it's not going to get any better as time goes on,” the son said after the hearing.
It was under that mental state that the elder Bradwell signed over his home and his life savings -- more than $92,000 -- to Perkins, according to the charges.
Judge Tom Rickhoff decided in favor of awarding legal guardianship to Isaiah Bradwell Jr., who already has his father living in his Massachusetts home.
He said he removed his father from the San Antonio nursing home where Perkins had placed him earlier this year, and he appears to be adjusting.
Perkins, meanwhile, is awaiting trial in the criminal case.


Thelma said...

Why was the perp at the hearing?

StandUp said...

This is just odd. There had to have been a reason, but what?