Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Elder abuse in R.I.: Gaming the system is easy for fiscal guardians

Part 7: Judges and advocates for the elderly say that it’s not difficult for court-appointed guardians like Janet Mastronardi to steal from the cognitively impaired clients whose interests they are supposed to be protecting. Mastronardi’s embezzlement came to light, but experts say misappropriation of funds is not always detected.

Attorney Janet Mastronardi admitted to stealing nearly $130,000 while serving as court-appointed guardian for Jane Jacques, an elderly and cognitively impaired stroke victim, and she made full restitution.

But other allegations regarding her billing practices emerged at Mastronardi’s 2014 sentencing hearing. State prosecutor Maureen Keough, now a Superior Court judge, pointed out that civil complaints had been filed against Mastronardi for fee gouging.

Mastronardi, who had pleaded no contest to charges of embezzlement and exploitation of an elder in the Jacques case, was sentenced to seven years in prison, with 30 months to serve on home confinement and the remaining 54 months suspended with probation.

After her sentencing, David Curtin, the state Supreme Court’s chief disciplinary counsel, said that several people called him to complain that Mastronardi had charged them exorbitant fees.

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Elder abuse in R.I.: Gaming the system is easy for fiscal guardians

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