Friday, October 11, 2019

TONITE ON MARTI OAKLEY'S TS RADIO NETWORK: Malignant Heroes and Wannabee Celebrities

7:00 CST

Back from her latest wedding cake creations, Coz lights up the show with her views on what she likes to call "malignant heroes". You know these people. Constantly laying claim to other people's hard work and re-inventing themselves as they get outed for their false persona's and credentials. Always morphing and expanding their supposed importance, they appear uninvited to social events, inserting themselves where they are not wanted.

Their claim to fame is a creation of their own making. The damage they do to the efforts of hard working advocates and activists is disheartening at times. Learn to avoid these self proclaimed heroes. This and more news on stories we are following. Callers are welcome or you can message us on Facebook with your comments or questions.

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