Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Abuse Charges Dropped

Last month, Ohio County prosecutors dropped charges against a Northwood Health Systems employee accused of hitting and swearing at an elderly woman with a developmental disability in a Kroger parking lot in May.

Now, the woman's guardian and one witness are questioning why those abuse charges were dismissed.

The alleged victim in the case, 64-year-old Mary Ann Kaib, lived at Northwood's Ritz Avenue Group Home in Wheeling.

She died Sept. 21, one of three Northwood clients to die while under their care in the last two months. There is no indication the incident in May is related to her death.

Two of these deaths and other allegations led the state Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification to decide not to renew Northwood's license to operate, effective Oct. 1. But state officials are allowing Northwood to stay open during negotiations.

Full Article and Source:
Witness, Guardian Ask Why Abuse Charges Were Dropped Against Northwood Employee


Anonymous said...

They're allowing Northwood Health System to stay open during "negotiations". What are negotiations? Does this mean if Northwood Health Systems comes up with enough cash, they get their license back?

Betty said...

Did they drop the charges because the victim died?

Anonymous said...

Is the perp still working at Northwood Health Systems? Has she continued to work there while the investigation was on-going?

Anonymous said...

It certainly seems Northwood Health System should be fully investigated to find out why the high incidence of death at the facility.

I think anyone with a loved on in this facility, should think twice about leaving him/her there.

Scott said...

I don't get what the so called negotiations are either, Anon1.

Negotiate what if they're not going to get their operating license?

Something's missing from this puzzle.

Anonymous said...

The question is valid. Answers are needed here. The public has a right to know what's going on.