Monday, October 12, 2009

Project $cams Charges Six For Scamming Seniors

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox Thursday announced criminal charges against six people accused of financially exploiting senior citizens.

The charges are a result of Project $CAMS (Stop Crimes Against Michigan Seniors), an initiative to protect nursing home residents from scams, misappropriated resources and embezzlement.

The suspects are –

•Kevin Mark Crothers of Williamston, accused of embezzling his father's Social Security funds to play Keno, gambling away more than $200,000 of his father's assets
•Alice Faye Wells of Detroit, accused of cashing and pocketing her aunt's Social Security and pension checks over the course of three years
•Tamara Lynne Hoppe of Interlochen, accused of selling a truck belonging to a resident of Kalkaska County Adult Foster Care Facility and pocketing the money
•Kenneth Nicholas Nebor, Jr. of Prudenville, accused of using his elderly father's money to pay for his own expenses, including gas, groceries and phone bills
•Luwillis Gibson, Jr. of Muskegon, accused of diverting and spending the Social Security and pension income of a Muskegon nursing home resident
•Susan Mary Kubsch of Stevensville, accused of stealing Social Security and pension income from an elderly nursing home resident.

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Six Charged With Scamming Seniors


Anonymous said...

This good. Step one is arresting them. Those found guilty need to suffer stiff penalties.

If they're arrested but just get a slap on the hand, then that sends a message that Project $cams is just a scam.

Betty said...

Hey Project $cams, I've got a real scam for you.

It's called "G U A R D I A N S H I P.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good thing, but again, it overlooks the professional scammers - bad guardians and their attorneys.

Mike said...

Look at and listen to guardianship / conservatorship victims, Project $cams.