Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Violation of Trust

An Ogden man — already awaiting trial for allegedly exploiting an elderly man for financial gain — is facing four new felony charges.

Ricky Edward McClain, 45, befriended a 96-year-old man, then used that relationship to bilk the man out of $30,000 in the past year, said Ogden Police Sgt. Danielle Croyle.

Croyle said McClain began the friendship by offering to perform services that the alleged victim could no longer perform for himself. It's a ploy that scam artists typically use to gain their victims' trust, the sergeant said.

"One of the services he offered was to shovel snow for him," Croyle said. "(McClain) would shovel snow and then he'd pay him, and then he would give him a story about how he had sick kids and he'd pay him more money."

"The thing that's sad about this is that (McClain) befriended him," Croyle said. "It's a violation not only of your financial stability, but your trust."

Full Article and Source:
Ogden Man Accused of Bilking 96-Year-Old


Anonymous said...

Did he take as much money as guardians do?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it certainly sounds like Ricky Edward McCain laid all the groundwork for the "friendship" and then took advantage of the elderly man.

That hurt the victim, not only financially, but as the article says, it hurt him emotionally too -- a violation of trust.

Jail time, please.

Betty said...

A predator through and through.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ricky Edward McCain is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.