Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nursing Home Rights in TX

Although they sometimes aren't aware of the extent of their rights, residents of nursing homes can leave if they wish, refuse medication and make choices about what foods they will and won't eat.

Such personal decisions, said managing local ombudsman for the Area Agency on Aging Cindy Oglesby, may seem basic. But for some living in residential care facilities these are rights they may not be aware they have.

Volunteers with the Area Agency on Agency, which is sponsored locally by the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission and funded by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, work to ensure nursing home, assisted living and retirement home residents are aware of their rights. But, Oglesby said, some still don't know and they're taking this week -- being recognized nationally as Residents' Rights Week -- to provide a reminder.

"They have the right to be treated with respect and dignity," Oglesby said.

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Nursing Home Rights


StandUp said...

Gee golly, if only guardianship wards had the same rights.

jerri said...

hey this article is misleading incomplete stand up is absolutely right if the resident of a nursing institution is a ward or a proposed ward forget about leaving cause the brown shirts are guarding the exit doors of nursing facilities and hospitals wards do not have any rights zip non nadda

Anonymous said...

Yes, this article sure paints nursing homes with colorful, cheery paint.

That's not reality at all.

Anonymous said...

Who are they kidding here?

Nursing Home residents in TX don't have these "rights" - nor do they in any other states.

Anonymous said...

The Nursing Home Bill of Rights is a joke.

When someone is admitted, you can bet they'll have to sign the NHBoR, but if that person complains about being denied those rights, nursing homes don't stand up and follow the NHBoR.

Nor do Ombudsman make them.

Norma said...

Leave if they wish?

Tell that one to Gary Harvey.

People who are exploited in nursing facilities (either physically or financially) continue to be exploited over and over because there's nothing they can do to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many guardianship wards have begged for help form the Area on Agency and been told there's nothing that can be done to relieve their circumstances.

Mike said...

Refuse medication? Well, maybe they'll refuse, but the nurse will trick them into taking it -- maybe hide it in the applesauce.... said...

With out the family being told about the hearing my brother was appointed a public administrator as his guardian. My brother disappeared for seven years after the HEPHA law passed. Only do to our mothers death did the guardian reveal my brothers location so she could get half our mothers money.

For two years I have been trying to see my brother age 46, college grad from Columbia University with masters degree now do to over drugging has heart problems and kidney fail-er. I only got to see him for a week and he had a seizure. they did not want to call an ambulance and I said I would with my cell phone so they called. After that they said I tryed to kill my brother and would not let me see him any more. That I would be arrested if I came back to the nursing home.

I filed for guardianship and our dad was at the hearing. We lost they said that my brother even though he wants his family to be involved the court does not want to interrupt his life at this point and will not allow the changing of guardianship.

The guardian and the nursing home still in two years will not give my brother the care he needs and can afford. It is for thous reasons they will not let me see my brother.

I have tryed everything. I don't know what to do to help my brother. No one will do anything the guardian and the nursing home have all the power and do not have to answer to anyone.

Now I heard that some was badly beaten at the nursing home by the physic intern and from some else I found out my brother was sent to a hospital out of the county.

I don't know how to help my brother.