Thursday, October 15, 2009

FL Bar Disbars A Dozen Lawyers

The Florida Bar, the state’s guardian for the integrity of the legal profession, announces that the Florida Supreme Court in recent court orders disciplined 27 attorneys, disbarring 12, suspending eight and placing five on probation. Some attorneys received more than one form of discipline. Seven attorneys were publicly reprimanded. One was ordered to pay restitution.

The following lawyers are disciplined:
• Frank Michael Costanzo
• Kenneth J. Dunn
• Justin Edward Gould
• Kurt S. Harmon
• Caswell Adington Hart
• Andrew William Menyhart
• Jerome David Mitchell
• John Michael Moody II
• Charles Houston Richards Jr.
• David Michael Scott
• William Francis Sullivan IV
• Jerrold Keith Wingate
• Jeffrey Scott Campos
• Jason Andrew Cobb
• Brian Alan Coury
• Guillermo Napoleon Lopez
• Lawrence Daniel Montekio
• Michael A. Moulis
• Donald Joseph Murray
• Joel Lee Sherman
• Carl Roland Hayes
• Martin Ralph Mallinger
• Margaret Blot
• Julio Ricardo More
• R. Eric Rubio
• Marc Stuart Schiller
• Robert H. Springer

Full Article and Source:
A Dozen Disbarred by Courts, None From Area


Betty said...

It's an impressive list, but when we condsider the absolute swarm of lawyers in FL, it's not enough.

Sue said...

I think these names along with a mug shot should be on the front page of the newspapers.


Anonymous said...

You're both right, Betty and Sue.

We need more of this public embarrassment. Maybe it would get lawyers to straighten up and fly right!

Anonymous said...

The thing to remember, though, is a lawyer can be disbarred, but still come back. Being disbarred doesn't mean permanent disbarrment.

jerri said...

oh isn't this something to behold crooks who are lawyers disbarred but they can come back? you gotta be kidding me i guess not so we need a better punishment i have a few permament fixes in mind anybody care to guess what my suggestions are?

Anonymous said...

And just think of all the lawyers who haven't been PROVEN GUILTY yet! Probably thousands of 'em.