Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caretaker Charged with Forgery and Exploitation

A husband and wife were arrested by Jones County investigators for forging an elderly woman’s checks.

The couple also made several purchases with the victim’s debit card.

Elizabeth Myrick, 38, and Shan Myrick, 36, were arrested Oct. 7.

Sheriff Alex Hodge said Elizabeth Myrick was hired as a caretaker for a 77-year-old woman, and she later charged purchases of more than $1,300 with about $700 charged at Coast casinos.

Elizabeth Myrick faces charges of forgery and exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Shan Myrick faces charges of exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

The couple remains jailed in the Jones County Adult Detention Facility.

Full Article and Source:
Couple Charged For Exploiting Elderly Woman


Betty said...

Every one of these stories about caretakers exploiting should be a reminder that background checks are mandatory!

Anonymous said...

A tag team of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they'll both serve sentences - in seperate prisons.

Norma said...

Always remember in these cases when an elderly person has been exploited, the system charges in to "protect" them -- via guardianship.

And that's when the real exploitation begins.

jerri said...

i've come to the conclusion we are walking around with $ sing on our backs and the older we get the more $$$$$$$$ on our backs the cowards prey on helpless people my wish is they rot in prison they are a threat to society and then they can burn in hell for eternity with their own kind