Saturday, October 17, 2009

County Board Member Guilty of Exploitation

Adams County Board member John Hibbert was found guilty Wednesday after a two-day trial of taking about $210,000 last November from longtime friend and neighbor Eleanor Lutes, 93.

The jury deliberated for an hour and 20 minutes before finding Hibbert guilty of financial exploitation of an elderly person and theft over $10,000. He will be sentenced Dec. 7 by Judge Michael Roseberry, with probation a strong possibility.

“I would be surprised if he didn’t get it (probation),” said Hibbert’s attorney, Drew Schnack.

“This is not a crime that cries out for a long prison sentence,” special prosecutor Ed Parkinson said.

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Adams County Board Member John Hibbert Found Guilty of Financially Exploiting Elderly Neighbor

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Anonymous said...

"This is not a crime that cries out for a long prison sentence"?


This is a crime involving preying on a vulnerable elderly person.

Your statement, Ed Parkinson, just sent the message that the elderly don't count. Tell that to your mother.

Anonymous said...

Ah this is the case where the 93 year old woman testified, and she got him!

Betty said...

Right on Anon 1. Parkinson sure opened his mouth wide and stuck his foot in on that statement.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he didn't say no prison sentence, he said not a "long" prison sentence.

It was still an awfully callous thing to say.

What if it had happened to his own mother?

I think he'd be thinking the perp should serve a life sentence.

Anonymous said...

If Hibbert gets probation, he might as well drive over to Eleanor Lutes' and finish cleaning her out.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Hibbert has some political pull?

jerri said...

what???? softie wimp prosecutor? oh oh do i smell a reason for being soft on the perp John Hibbert? soft on this criminal? soft on sentencing is a purblic display of weakness or worse could all be in bed with each other politcially speaking? shame on you Ed Parkinson your message is crime does pay if probation is the sentence.