Sunday, October 11, 2009

CT Doctors Ask for Clarification on Suicide Law

Two Fairfield County doctors are asking the Connecticut courts to clarify a 40-year-old law in a way that would prevent physicians from being prosecuted for prescribing drugs to end a person's life.

Attorneys for the doctors, Gary Blick of Norwalk and Ronald Levine of Greenwich, are seeking a ruling on the current law that says a person is guilty of second-degree manslaughter if "he intentionally causes or aids another person, other than force, duress or deception, to commit suicide." They want to ensure that the provision would not apply to licensed physicians who prescribe drugs for mentally competent, terminally ill patients.

"Obviously, the crux of this case is what is suicide and what is aid in dying," said Kathryn Tucker, an attorney who for the doctors and legal director for Compassion & Choices. She called the issue "a case of first impression," one that has not been decided by the courts.

The lawsuit is guaranteed to prompt controversy both in the courts and in the legislature.

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Fairfiled County Doctors Seek Clarification on Suicide Law


StandUp said...

Controversy is exactly what we discussion about assisted suicide and a doctor's responsibility and accountability in it.

I think we should be concentrating on how to make people better rather than how to better kill them.

Norma said...

If Assisted Suicide were to become a reality, and it appears that's where we're heading - then there should be very strict restrictions and OVERSIGHT on the prescribing physicians.

In EVERY case, the person about to die must give consent. Not that person's guardian, but the person him/herself.

Anonymous said...

Assisted suicide is a subject everyone should know about, because it's like guardianship - one day it could happen to you.

Anonymous said...

The medical profession is like the legal profession. There are good doctors - there are good lawyers and judges.

But the rotten apples smell the strongest.

Kit said...

Right Stand Up, cure 'em, don't kill 'em.