Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Florida Silver Alert Plan's One-Year Anniversary

Governor Charlie Crist today recognized the one-year anniversary of Florida’s Silver Alert Plan and praised its success in helping return 18 missing elderly persons back home safely.

“I’m pleased and proud of the way this program has worked as a safety net for some of our most vulnerable citizens,” said Governor Crist. “I thank our citizens for paying attention to the Silver Alerts, and for doing their part to call in the information law enforcement needs to safely locate these seniors.”

Florida’s Silver Alert Plan was made effective by an Executive Order signed by the Governor on October 8, 2008, and is a standardized system to aid local law enforcement in the rescue of an elderly person with a cognitive impairment who goes missing.

The plan calls for the broadcast of important information via the media and highway message signs (in cases involving a vehicle) to enlist citizens in the search for an endangered senior. To date, 115 Silver Alerts have been issued – 110 individuals were located safely, with 18 of those recoveries attributed directly to the Silver Alert.

Press Release and Source:
Governor Crist Recognizes One-Year Anniversary of Florida's Silver Alert Program


Thelma said...

We need Silved Alert across the country.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for FL citizens!

Silver Alert is a wonderful thing!

Betty said...

Yes, congratulations Florida!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Silver Alert Plan spreads to all 50 states!

The elderly are as important as the young.

StandUp said...

I am pleased to hear of this success.