Saturday, October 17, 2009

Judge Grants Visitation to Daughter

A circuit judge has granted temporary visitation rights to a daughter fighting a Bradenton public guardian for the right to care for her father.

Circuit Judge Paul E. Logan ruled Thursday that Beverly R. Newman may visit her father, 89-year-old Al Katz, for three hours per day, beginning today, at Casa Mora Rehabilitation Center.

“That’s what we asked for. Thank God,” Newman said. “I think in three hours my father can understand I haven’t ditched him. We can be able to stabilize Dad.”

Newman and her husband, Lawrence T. Newman, both of Indianapolis, are contesting the emergency guardianship of Katz granted to Aging Safely Inc., on Sept. 18. Beverly Newman hasn’t seen her father since Sept. 24, the day he was placed in the psychiatric ward at Manatee Memorial Hospital.

During a two-day hearing, Aging Safely said Newman should not be allowed visitation based on the wishes of Katz’s health care surrogate, Jackie Steuerwald, of Indiana, and because she might try to interfere with his care. Newman also has pending litigation against her father in a separate case.

Logan’s order said “during the visits Dr. Newman shall not interfere with her father’s care and she shall not discuss any pending litigation, including this guardianship proceeding, with her father.”

Aging Safely attorney Erika Dine did not return a message left for her Thursday.

Meanwhile, Katz’s girlfriend, Beverly Ervin, spoke for the first time about Newman’s battle for guardianship. She said Aging Safely is the right agency to take care of Katz. He does not want to see his daughter, she said.

“I went to visit with him yesterday and the day before,” Ervin said. “I think he’s in a wonderful place. I hope he stays right where he is.”

A hearing to determine permanent guardianship for Katz will be Oct. 26 in Logan’s court.

Full Article and Source:
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Anonymous said...

I am sad to think that a daughter has to beg to see her father and that the court has to make that decision.

I am glad the court granted visitation, of course.

Mike said...

I think Katz' girlfriend needs to read the NASGA website to understand about third party guardians.

And, she should read the many stories lately posted on this blog about nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust a thing the guardian or the health care surrogate say. Katz was isolated from his daughter. There's no telling what they filled his head with.

Betty said...

What kind of drugs was Katz on when he supposedly said he didn't want to see his daughter?

Anonymous said...

Let's get to the nitty gritty here - how much money does Katz have?

That will explain why Aging Safely is holding on to him.

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty. Look at the fees the family will have to pay to try to protect their father.

Let the man go home with his daughter or let her make arrangements he prefers. Either way, it should be the daughter's decision - not the guardian.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for this family and hope they are successful in freeing the father.

Dot said...

You're right, Mike. I think Beverly Ervin is either misinformed, misguided, or trying to keep Katz from going home.

But to say things are just fine is just plain awful. She needs to look into it.

If Newman isn't successful freeing Katz, then he's forever doomed. And then Ervin won't think it's so great.

Anonymous said...

THe judge needs to take a hard look here to see what drugs were given to Katz when he was admitted to the hospital - and what drugs he's still on.

jerri said...

good decision Judge Paul E. Logan
isolation is one of the tools the ways the guardianship racket the mob uses to have total power and control over their wards no visits by family members the guardians in the mob do not tell the ward the truth do they? no the ward only knows what he sees no family visiting he doesn't know or undertand why and this folks is abuse we have elder abuse and cruelty criminal actions and no one is prosecuting these people for their intentional mental cruelty using family as their weapon of choice i wish Al Katz peace and comfort