Friday, December 26, 2008

Changing School With Guardianship

Kim Thomas says her son was badly beaten at Conemaugh Valley High School. She put a large sign in her front yard to highlight the situation.

Over a weekend, someone painted over part of the sign.

One side reads “CVHS administrators do your job”, the other “CVHS allows bullying”. Thomas said her son was beaten up in the school's locker room. When the student responsible was punished, Thomas says her son was attacked again. A second student choked him until he passed out.

East Conemaugh police chief Ronald Pavic tells WTAJ News they arrested two juveniles for the incidents, and he feels the school dished out the appropriate punishments.

But Thomas doesn't feel the two day suspensions were enough.

She signed over guardianship of her son to her parents who live in nearby Nanty Glo. He now lives with them so he can attend Central Cambria Middle School.

Bullying Battle

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Anonymous said...

Shameful that public schools take no responsibility for bullying. I think the worst case was in CT where Scuggins (sp) was arrested and prosecuted for her son's suicide due to bullying. The State of CT blamed her poor housekeeping as the cause of her son's suicide. Scuggins was later exonerated but the emotional trauma of being charged and facing trial FALSELY on top of losing your son is just plain CRIMINAL.

Anonymous said...

But why did she have to turn over guardianship for her son to attend another school?

I don't get that.