Friday, December 26, 2008

No-Show Attorney

In court when a jury came back with their guilty verdict, there was someone important missing: the defendant.

Ed Bolding, a longtime lawyer was representing himself against fraud charges and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors say he stole from trust funds he managed.

Prosecutor Kim Ortiz: "He's convicted of taking more than $700,000 from clients over a ten year period."

A verdict came back, but Bolding was a no-show.

Prosecutors say a warrant has been issued nationwide for Bolding's arrest.

Full Article and Source:
Attorney defending himself skips verdict

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Anonymous said...

Some lawyers think that a Bar License is a "License to Steal.." Lawyers police themselves, so I guess when they fail to provide meaningful discipline, and cover up instead (to protect their image), they are tacitly agreeing - thus freeing guys like this to do their thing.

If the Organized Bar were monitoring IOLTA accounts, they'd know there's wrongdoing early enough to stop it.

With electronic banking, there's no reason why they haven't figured this out yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wonder if this thieving on the lamb attorney Ed Bolding
declared the embezzled funds to the .... IRS?

Please keep in mind that the amount of $700,000.00 is a low amount, the amount the prosecutors can and did .... PROVE.

A prominent, high profile probate attorney confided in me years ago, that the true test of one's character is....#1) estate cases with numerous opportunities to hide, steal/embezzle assets and throw in fraudulent (inflated) billing and #2) is .........guardianship / ward cases.

I hope they locate Ed Bolding who should have been considered a ..... flight risk.

Anonymous said...

Family members who are Guardians go through a vigorous scruitiny process monitoring financial accounts WHY DON'T court appointed Guardian/ATTORNEYS???????

Anonymous said...

He probably took off with the aid of the $700K!