Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Judges Will Get Even"

Gov. Charlie Crist promoted Palm Beach Judge Jorge Labarga to a seat on a South Florida appellate court despite Labarga's comments from the bench last year that judges will get even with lawyers who cross them, even if it takes years.

Labarga said:

"When you pick a fight with a judge, ultimately, you are gonna lose. Not today, but five years from now, 10 years from now, six years from now. That judge is going to remember you, always, always."

"And, you know, when you do -- there is an old saying that if you go after a judge, you better kill him. Because, like I said, it's true."

Anthony Alfieri, founder and director of the University of Miami law school's Center for Ethics and Public Service, called Labarga's statements in open court "injudicious and unwise."

Alfieri: "They damage the credibility of individual judges and tarnish the integrity of the courts as a public institution."

Labarga did not recall making the specific statements.

Full Article and Source:
New appellate judge says he never forgets


Anonymous said...

Labarga tells the truth.

So many of us have experienced it first hand!

Anonymous said...

The clients of the lawyer's on the judges' HIT LISTS are punished as a result of ...... judicial ultimate revenge.

This is unacceptable, wrong and outrageous, but at the same time, having this knowledge.... in print, Judge Jorge Labarga's threatening words for the record, is priceless!

This is not American justice ... this type of mindset, I would expect from Nazis; this is 3rd world undeveloped countries; this is blackmail, extortion and clearly judicial TYRANNY.

Conclusion: Apply this information from this particular article to every county courthouse in every state and to be fair apply this to federal courthouses in the USA.

What we have here is a national .... DISASTER in our perceived justice system.

Anonymous said...

Who KNOWS Judges better than another Judge? If one reviews
cases, reviews Attorney Grievance
Board dicisions there is evidence
that the Judge's comments on the Transcript are true.

Since the Judge can't recall making these comments in his own court, perhaps his memory will improve when he is provided the transcript.

Anonymous said...

Not only do judges get even, but the judicial committees knowingly let them get by with this bad behavior.

If the judicial committees did their job, judges would do theirs, and lawyers theirs, and justice would have a chance.

Anonymous said...

This is cause for the American people to protest in the streets.

If Judge Labarga is being truthful (???? he wouldn't lie - would he?) that he cannot recall his statements, I say bye bye judge, it's high time to get yourself off the bench! post haste.

Anonymous said...

Right, "We The People" - this guy knows what he's talking about from experience and should go!