Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pharmaceutical Kickbacks

A major pharmaceutical firm funneled kickbacks to Texas health officials, distributed false marketing materials and deployed phony advocacy groups to get its top-dollar schizophrenia drug prescribed to low-income Texans, the state alleges in a new filing in a major fraud lawsuit.

The records in the civil suit allege that Janssen Pharmaceuticals defrauded the state of Texas repeatedly over the last decade to secure a spot for the drug, Risperdal, on the state's Medicaid preferred drug list and on controversial medical protocols that determine which drugs are given to adults and children in state custody.

The attorney general's office wrote in the filing: "Janssen officials targeted Texas Medicaid with their sophisticated and fraudulent marketing scheme."

Allen Jones, a Pennsylvania whistle-blower who brought the Janssen case to the attention of Texas authorities: "It's standard practice in the industry to influence a few key decision-makers, But this is perhaps the most transparent example I have seen."

The News has also reported that the state is investigating possible criminal fraud on the part of the state officials and researchers involved in putting Risperdal on the state drug protocols. No charges have been filed.

Full Article and Source:
Filing alleges drug maker defrauded Texas to get on Medicaid list

Download: Read the state's filing


Anonymous said...

Good article! Big Pharma's got their hands into so many things and getting bigger and more powerful by the minute.

They've created a society where we think anything can be solved with a pill.

Preventative medicine is the way to go@

Anonymous said...

Preventive medicine alone is not enough!

How about shaking out the germs that run the FDA and similar agencies. and disallowing DTC (Direct to Consumer advertising of the "poison pills"?

Anonymous said...

Pill pushers = $$$ in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Pharma's B I G business. Follow the votes and the $$$$$$$$. Oh, don't count the victims on the side of the road.