Friday, December 26, 2008

Money-Making Ventures

Reports of financial exploitation of elderly dances right past the biggest financial exploiter of the elderly of all — forced guardianship.

Guardianships are money-making ventures for guardians and their attorneys at the expense and detriment of the very people the court has appointed them to protect. Guardianship wards lose everything — their life savings, homes, personal possessions and many times their lives.

Here’s the difference between being financially exploited by a relative or a caregiver or by a forced guardianship: There’s a chance of recovering funds and holding the thieves accountable if they are relatives or caregivers. A guardianship ward is stripped of all rights — including the right to complain. The plundering of assets through guardianship is all done with the approval of the court, so there is no accountability, no chance of recovering funds. No chance at all.

The National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse, NASGA, is composed of victims who have stood helpless in courtrooms while their loved ones are exploited by greedy guardians and ravenous attorneys. Our members have been maligned by guardians and lawless courts for their efforts to free their captive loved ones. We have suffered defeats at the hands of a system where the cards are already stacked. We have had our families ripped apart and our pocketbooks emptied trying to right the terrible wrong. And now, we’ve joined forces to see to stop the abuse and the abusers.

Ask us. We can tell you who the real abusers are, those who get rich by preying on the vulnerable do so “legally” to the tune of billions of dollars nationwide.

Written by a NASGA member


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Very well stated. People must be informed what is waiting for ..... them.

Anonymous said...

"We can tell you who the real abusers are, those who get rich by preying on the vulnerable do so “legally” to the tune of billions of dollars nationwide."

I strongly disagree with the author regarding the term: "legally", in this well-written description of the guardianship racket, unknown to most Americans.

A few examples, why I strongly disagree with the term "legally":

1) Fraudulent billing,

2)false statements to the court (intentional lies),

3) incomplete or missing mandatory by law guardianship accounting and inventory

4) Missing and/or incomplete transcripts of the hearings

"with court approval" and no oversight the illegal activities are part of the probate club culture that is business as usual, unethical, deceptive pattern and practices are reality in most probate courts in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I think legally means because a judge has sactioned it, it becomes legal in the sense that it's not considered a crime -- and there's not a thing the victims can do to protect themselves.