Saturday, December 27, 2008

Concerns About DCF

Parents attended a Department of Children and Families hearing to voice concerns about the organization.

They said the state is quick to take children away and won't give them back, even if there is a family who wants and loves the child.

Trina Porter said she has spent two years trying to get her niece, Isabella, out of state custody.

Linda Holden said her adopted daughter, Chelsea, who has behavioral problems, has been in state custody for two months. She said Chelsea was only supposed to be evaluated for four days.

Some state leaders recommended breaking up DCF to make it a better agency. The committee that conducted the hearing will make recommendations to the General Assembly at a later date.

Parents Air Concerns At Final DCF Hearing

"The testimony was sad enough, even without mentioning the DCF's latest problem: the pepper-spraying of young psychiatric patients.

It's happened three times since September during attempts to calm agitated young patients at Riverview Hospital, the DCF-run psychiatric facility for children in Middletown"

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Pepper Spray The Latest Issue For DCF

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Anonymous said...

Our most vulnerable members of society - the young and the elderly - suffer becuase of the corruption of the system and those running it.

It's got to stop