Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rich Targets: Baby Boomers

“Gone to Texas” was a phrase used by Americans immigrating to Texas in the 19th century and is applicable again today as the Baby Boomers (Americans born 1946-1964) begin to retire and relocate, as in times past, to Texas. Georgetown, Texas, was just named a top retirement town by Where to Retire magazine and a recent report by the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement lists Texas as the #2 state for retiree relocation surpassing Arizona and continuing to close the gap with Florida.

Whether in Texas or elsewhere, being a retirement “hot spot” energizes everyone from government officials and Chambers of Commerce to Realtors and other business interests. The concentration of a retirement-age population, however, can bring another element into a community – predators seeking to operate within probate venues so as to divert estate assets from intended beneficiaries or heirs. In more simple terms, modern day looters and poachers intent on using the American legal system to steal property from the dead or disabled/incapacitated.

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Boomers Will Be Rich Targets For Estate Looters

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, watch it baby boomers, these financial pradators are refining their dirty deeds; they are practicing on your parents and elderly relatives - now.

Anonymous said...

Estate looting says it all. Hopefully, this article gets the attention of Baby Boomers before they fall prey.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Boomers will pay attention and watch their backs.