Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Attorney Explains Amendments in MA Guardianship Laws

The new UPC [Universal Probate Code] laws have changed several facets of the guardianship and conservatorship laws in Massachusetts. Gary Zalkin, Counselor at law, shares the nine notable changes made to the guardianship and conservatorship laws:

1. Guardianship of the estate
2. Spendthrift guardianship
3. Authority to admit or commit to a mental health facility
4. Authority to admit to a skilled nursing facility
5. Appointment of counsel
6. “Ward”
7. Health care proxy
8. Reports
9. Accounting requirement

Full Press Release With Explanation of All Nine Changes, and Source:
Attorney Gary Zalkin Explains Amendments Made to Massachusettes Guardianship Law

See Also:
General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 201. Guardians and Conservators

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Anonymous said...

In reviewing the specific changes it appears that Gary Zalkin knows guardianship has become a BIG Business. Estates are being robbed and valuable items are just disappearing. Debts of the estate are not being paid yet outrageous fees are being paid for unnecessary spending.
Mr. Zalkin appears to see the use of antipsychotic drugs as part of the crime and is trying to make change. I personally think attempted murder charge would be appropriate for guardians encouraging the use of these drugs unnecessarially!

Norma said...

I am glad to see some amendment to the laws in MA. It's a start.

Wondering said...

You're right, Anon1. Guardianship is all about big business and big profits!