Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ohio Legal Rights Service Comments on Proposed Standards in Governing Attorney Guardians

Legal Rights Service (LRS) submitted comments on proposed standards governing attorney guardians in Franklin County. Probate Judge Eric Brown had asked for the public's opinion on these standards. LRS recommended that the court require a prospective ward be given the opportunity to participate in the written plan identifying his or her personal goals and needs, thus creating a more person-driven plan. LRS also made suggestions to protect the liberty and privacy interests of a prospective ward.

LRS has been closely involved with the development of statewide standards for non-family guardians as part of the Adult Guardianship Subcommittee of the Ohio Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Children, Families and Courts. Standards, both at the state level and through local standards are necessary to ensure that the rights of individuals are not compromised by professional guardians, many of whom are attorneys.

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Full Article and Source:
LRS Comments on Proposed Attorney Guardian Standards to be Adopted in Franklin County

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Lou said...

It all sounds good but does not truely protect because what the ward says they want and what goes on the plan are often two different things.

timlahrman said...

just an observation of mine over the years .....

on one hand the courts and case law say that not every single decision made by a ward is an unworthy and unenforceable decision.

on the other hand ... the practices, policies and procedures routinely omit the ward's input completely from any consideration in the decision making process...

the question should be .... is the decision of the ward the product of delusional thought, mental weakness, undue influence, coercion, and or, a decision that is plainly detrimental to the ward's best interests.

Betty said...

Sometimes I think the study, the ongoing discussion is the objective, instead of results.

It's like the Senate Aging Committee having 3 hearings thus far on guardianship problems. The result of each? Well, they agree there's a problem. And then life continues on without action.

Thelma said...

Let's hope this has some meaning now that they should be aware they're being watched.

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