Friday, April 2, 2010

Women's Group File Complaint Against Judge

Two organizations that foster women's legal rights filed a complaint Thursday with a panel that disciplines the judiciary, asking it to investigate a Baltimore County judge who performed a wedding ceremony between a woman and the man accused of beating her, and then acquitted him.

The House Of Ruth Maryland and the Women's Law Center of Maryland called the behavior of District Judge G. Darrell Russell Jr. "grossly inappropriate."

On March 10, when a 29-year-old Middle River man, Frederick D. Wood, appeared in an Essex courtroom on a charge that he had beaten his fiancee, Russell acquiesced to Wood's lawyer's suggestion that his client leave to obtain a marriage license. The judge volunteered to perform the wedding ceremony himself, and did so later that day in his chambers.

The newly married Shelly Pearl Say, 27, then invoked marital privilege so that she would not have to testify against Wood about allegations that he beat her on Nov. 29. Russell found Wood not guilty.

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Women's Groups File Complaint Against Judge


Anonymous said...

That's a sick judge story. I've heard worse, but that's a new one!
I believe that's called "aiding and abetting."

Anonymous said...

Sounds "grossly inappropriate" to me. But wait... Judges can do whatever they please now days with no integrity standards to abide by!

Anonymous said...

Another sick Judge with a poison pen and gavel

Betty said...

An example of just how nuts the "justice" system is!

Max said...

Go get 'em, House of Ruth and Women's Law Center!